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    Man! Hope you're all Safe!

    We made it through unscathed here mate....... The next suburb over though, was not so lucky :(
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    R.I.P Wolfman

    It is with great sadness that I post this, but today we lost a long time member & Aussie legend, our friend Wolfman after a short battle with an aggressive cancer. He is survived by his four awesome children. I will post details about the funeral in the coming days for those who are interested...
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    Photography Thread !!!

    I have started doing a bit of work with an online magazine so it has it's perks :).... The RAAF flight was organised through the magazine for the exercise, but the USAF flight was a personal invitation by the USAF crew that joined us on the RAAF flight. My first...
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    Photography Thread !!!

    HAHAHA... I am desperate to know how Cornholio got the callsign, given it's a lady Alex :O :O Thanks for the kind words :)
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    Lytehouse's birthday

    Happy Birthday my dear friend !!!! Hope you have an amazing day :) :)
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    Photography Thread !!!

    Last year I took my photography to a whole new level !! I had the extreme pleasure of flying with the RAAF in our KC-30 tankers & followed it up 2 days later with a personal invite to fly with the USAF in a KC-10...... NF404_Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet_USS Ronald Reagan by Daniel Vorbach, on...
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    Beer Thread

    Anybody else out there use this app ?? I love it, it's an awesome way of keeping track of whats good & whats not :)
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    Whats your Favorite Rock song's?

    Possibly the best cover of a Sabbath song I have ever heard !!
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    Motorcycle Helmet Buyer’s Guide

    Which leads me to another question.... What to do with our old helmets ?
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    Motorcycle Helmet Buyer’s Guide

    Interesting read & perfect timing given I was sitting here surfing the web looking for my next lid..... The OGK has served its days well but it's time for an update.
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    New member welcome thread..

    Well miss me no more brother !! I'm back & thankfully back in the saddle :D
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    New member welcome thread..

    Humpy is back !!!!...... That is all I wanted to say :P
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    Stock FZ6 muffler box

    Did you end up finding one ?
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    Photography Thread !!!

    Worlds BIGGEST baby yeah !!!!!!!!!! :rockon: UR-82060_Antonov An-225 Mriya_YPPH by Daniel Vorbach, on Flickr
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    Happy Humpy day

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone :) I had a wonderful day !!! It was certainly the highlight of a very looooong drawn out crappy week :(