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  • Monster! Luuuucky!!

    I am pretty busy. hope your interview goes well. I was able to view the fz6 forum pages at work and I spent a lot of time doing that... maybe someone at the network operations center saw that and blocked the site... who knows but I can't get on from work anymore.
    You still alive? Never see apost from you. You're prolly busy as heck. Been laid off work for like 4 months now but got had a phone interview last Wed. and now have a face to face on Mon. which is promising. Anyway hope you're doing well.
    My son (he rides a 600rr) is coming out for a visit and we're borrowing my friends Ducati Monster so we can do some rides together.

    Give a ping!


    What's yer phone #. I thought I put it in my smart phone but it's playing dumb...
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