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  • Doing good for an old fart! But don't let em know! Lol! Good to hear from ya Mikey! Blah
    I wont start a thread coz you are trying to keep it quiet being 40 & all but im here now to say HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY :cheer: :cheer: Hope your having a ripper of day :thumbup: Im sure you & Jamie got a ride in somewhere ;)
    Thanks for the rep Ozzie. This forum has been so good to me over the years and I've made some amazing friends. I know others would do the same for me if it came down to it.
    That was hillarious for sure, and if that was you narrating the whole thing, I imagined before then you with a scruffier voice. LOL

    Cheers mate!
    well im wanting my bike to definitely take off faster, i rarely hit 100, what is the stock setup on the fz6? I would like a conversion where it jumps on start up. Top speed isnt really a big deal for me, ive barely hit 100 once or twice
    I was curious when you statedgo "-2 front and +1 rear" are you talking about the sprockets? Id like to get more info on this,, is this a 520 conversion?
    Would be first one out if it wasnt for shop right now.....bike is sorted, i am fixed....
    Thanks! You made up more of the questions than I did, and are doing the hunt. You deserve the rep! Profile pic? pffft got talked into putting it up lol
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