1. FB400

    Free - SW Motech Risers - need 1 thread repair

    Hey all - These are up for grabs for anyone who wants them. SW Motech Risers - to give a little more comfort for long rides. 1 Thread will need to be repaired (Marked with an X in sharpie) I'd recommend getting a threaded insert. I used them for touring and these won't fit the bike...
  2. FB400

    Go Hi Viz!!

    I made a break from the black jacket and went with Hi Viz. I updated my helmet as well. As you might notice neither of these items screams hey here I am with over the top Hi Viz. But let me tell you guys it has been a night and day experience so far with the 1200 miles I have logged...
  3. FB400

    FJ-09 anyone?

    Hey all - I am looking to move on to a new bike and have been giving some serious consideration to the Yamaha FJ-09. Truth be told I think there are really slim choices in the sporty type sport touring market right now. I wanted to know if there are folks here on that bike now and get...
  4. The_Paragon

    FJ-09; A most certain replacement for my FZ6

    When it comes time to replace my fz6 (hopefully) a few years down the road. The FJ-09 will most certainly be a great candidate!! Yamaha FJ-09 leaked - Motorcycle news: New bikes - Visordown