1. M

    2016 Yamaha FZ6R aftermarket exhaust??

    I've owned a 2016 FZ6 for quite a while now, and Ive honestly gotten tired of the high pitch, stock exhaust. It is the "American" version, per say, as there in a single, large under body exhaust system. Looking online, the only options I have seen are the M4/Two Brothers full systems and Leo...
  2. meadeam

    Functioning belly-pan

    Anybody have a fully-functional bellypan (will catch and hold a catastrophic failure) such as racing orgs require? I am perusing FZ6 bellypans but as far as I can tell most of them will not actually hold fluids without modification.
  3. F

    HEL SS Installation Questions

    Hey All! It's been a while! I was just able to finish my R6 fork conversion but one of the 2 of the caliper was not coming off (the bolts were siezed). I literally tried everything, in the end, I even tried drilling a hole straight through them, no dice. I ordered a used caliper from ebay and...
  4. C

    Convertion to fz6n. Need kit.

    Doing a 2008 fz6s-fz6n conversion. Can anyone recommend where to get a good complete kit? Ideally would like to have fz1, fz8, fz9 headlights but I realize that would require some modification to fit it and it's being done by a dealership not me. Is there still anywhere to get the vs1 kit? Or...
  5. Mutineer

    European and American technical differences

    I have seen some awesome modifications to the FZ6 on this site, and in my head I am making a shopping list of all these great things I would like to do, but it just came to my attention that the European and American models of the bike are (according to a local Yamaha dealer) based on two...