1. D

    Need Help FZ6 Fix/Rebuild To FZ6N

    Howdy Folks! Long time Rider & Reader, First time Poster A Bit about my situation: I bought an FZ6 (2004) back in 2017. It had some light work done, but it ran great and I loved it. I've had a ton of fun with it, and never had any real issues. Near the End of this summer (2020) some folks...
  2. C

    stolen bike recovered but won't start

    I have a 2004 FZ6, I just got the bike April 1st and it was stolen this past Monday and just (fortunately) recovered. There was no damage, but I tried to start it and it wouldn't start so I had it towed to my place and thought I would try to get it up and running. The bike doesn't turn on...
  3. L

    sad day....lost the FZ

    Well i didn't really loose it, my 2005 Silver FZ6 was actually stolen from my Condo Complex in Central Connecticut this week Along with my FZ6, my boyfriends 2003 Silver SV1000 was taken. We actually came across a Craiglist Posting later that night that fit the SV1000, according to the ad...
  4. Firehawk

    FZ6 stolen near Portland, Oregon

    Just wanted to put the word out that my blue 2007 Yamaha FZ6 was stolen from my condo's "secure" parking garage on Monday, July 23rd between 7-10:30am around Gresham/Portland, Oregon. It has reflective blue rim tape and had current and unexpired Idaho plates on it. (I just moved) If anyone sees...
  5. G

    Stolen exhaust - prevent it happening again

    Well I came back last night to find someone had stolen the exhaust right off my fz6. I'm pretty gutted obviously, but more so as I couldn't ride it this summer and was just getting back into it with a good dash up the Wye valley yesterday afternoon. They were scorpion stainless steel cans that...