Another one down.

You must be one sore feller. That's a allota damage covering many areas. Looking at the bare twisted and bent, looks like you didn't jump ship anytime too soon. How's the upper body, arms, wrists?

Not all of us are in place to be out of work for that time. You gonna be OK?

Very Sorry and trully wishing you a speedy and complete recovery!
Just saw this thread, hope your healing up well.. As noted previously, your lucky to be alive... :thumbup:

Also looked at the pic's of the bike, holy crap, with the frame cracked there, you hit figgin hard!!!!
OUCH! Having once lived near Lawrenceville I know the risks. Heal slowly so you may ride fast in the future.
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someone asked how everything came through with State Farm on the motorcycle being a total loss so I thought I'd let you know . I talked to them about an hour ago, and for the motorcycle and the accessories (wind screen, lower fairing, speedometer calibratot, and seat) I'm going to get about $5000. State Farm has always been good to me every time I've had to deal with them , this time is no different .
Getting better every day. Pretty much off the oxycodone for pain now, but still can't use ibuprofen for another 2 weeks (doc said it may inhibit bone growth in the first 4 weeks after surgery so we're playing it safe). They replaced my ACL, popliteus tendon, and one other one but I can't remember it's name. The ACL was done orthoscopically (sp?), the other 2 were not :( I'll start physical therapy next week. Doc said he may let me start walking in 2 weeks (this was Tuesday). Hopefully I'll go back to work then. Pinky finger is still screwed up, but everything else feels pretty good.

Thanks for asking!!!! Hope everyone rides safe had has fun! My wife and son said it's gonna be a cold day before I get another bike, so I'll be caging it for a while :(
Just heal up and do any PT. required.
Wife and child have priority but we can't always predict what life has in store.

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