Second time riding the FZ6 this year... so much fun!


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Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing. What tires were you using? :thumbup:


It always impresses me how well our bikes do on track, they seem to keep up with other 600s just fine. I find that when other guys pull in me through corners it's usually just because I'm being a bit timid. Also, I'm on Dunlop Q3s.


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I just put a Q3 on the nose, only have maybe couple hundred miles on. Seems to have nice turn in but its paired with BT-023 with about 60% life.

If you end up with any head chatter during braking of corner entry, overfill the oil level a modest amount. Like 1.0 to 1.25"... I think it may have fixed that issue. Need more time tho.

What tire pressure you run on the track vs street?


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Nice! I was there last year. Wish this year was a bit more green for me :( otherwise I would've been there. Looks like fun!
The full course is a killer after a whole day of riding. Had to skip a few sessions last time


I don't get any chatter, I did have a little bit of instability on corner exit last year, but I lowered the back of my bike about 6mm and that seemed to solve that issue.

I'm running 34f/36r on the street and 30f/28r on the track, both cold temperatures. I really like the Dunlops, mine do seem to cold tear a little, but for the cost I can't complain.

Here's a few of the photos that go with the video.