Bridgestone Battlax BT020


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Mar 2, 2009
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Anybody has these on their Fizzer? Any opinions? What kind of mileage did you get out of them?
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They came stock on my bike when I got it a year ago and I still have them on 11k miles later. They are okay, no real complaints about them. I'll have a better idea of how they work after I replace them and have another set to compare them to.
They are pretty good, wouldnt use them for the track, but I hav went through some twisties rather fast with them. I have 7000 mi on them and they are still good as new. If your just going to be touring, they're great. Anything more aggessive than that would b safer with a sportier, stickier tire.
The stock BT-020 are very long lasting. I had only approximately 7500 miles and it was barely staring to show some flattening. I estimate it would probably last up to 15K miles. As far as grip and handling goes, I have tried Dunlop Sportmax tires and its profile is much more pointed and compared to the stock Bridgestones, the stock tires have a very predictable tip in while the dunlops just seem to drop into turns with little effort.
I had them as stock and they lasted (the rear) around 1500 miles before I got a screw in it so I have nothing useful to add :D
I thought they quit making those and now make the BT021's as a replacement.

Thanks, yes they were replaced by the BT021's but I got a pair of BT020's given to me with the bike. They are new and uninstalled. The Dunlop Sportmax D252's that came OEM are pretty much shot after only 7500 km.
I have the Battlax on the rear still, michelin pilot power on the front. The michelin front definitely feels a lot stickier, I have more confidence in leaning over with it.