Clutch switch bypass


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Hi guys,

I'm new to biking and I've bought myself a 2008 Fazer 600.

I've had to change the clutch lever (for a Kliktronic dualever) and there's no place for the clutch switch on it.

I've bypassed the switch by putting a paper clip in it and taping it up. Bike starts fine and goes into gear etc..I've only ever been on the bike twice and got it upto 25mph..

My question is, with the clutch switch bypassed, will it stay in the neutral map? I've heard a few people say it will? If so, what can be done to fix it? There's no place to fit a switch on the new lever.

Thanks :)

Gary in NJ

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Your bike is different than mine. I don't have (or a previous owner bypassed) a clutch switch. I know this because I don't need to use the clutch to start the engine. I do have the side stand interlock because if I put the bike into gear with the stand down the engine will cut off - regardless of clutch position.

Regarding your question, the ECU knows when the bike is in (or not in) neutral because there is an indicator. I don't see how clutch position alone can effect the ignition or fueling maps.


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It won't stay in any "neutral map". There isn't any other "fix" for what you want to do / are doing..

How you have it is fine (preferred IMO, so you can always put it back to stock if need be).
An un-hacked harness is preferred in a re-sale...

One of the things the clutch switch does is allow you to start IN GEAR, clutch pulled in , side stand EXTENDED. Once you start to let the clutch out, it'll kill the engine(cause the side stand is down) .