Fzr6 interesting heat-blower issue


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May 1, 2023
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Hi everyone!

I have a 2013 model xj6-fzr6 diversion f motocyle.

There has been an interesting error for the last 1 month.

The temperature rises normally. When it reaches 100 degrees, the fan turns on.
After 102 103, the temperature drops to 98c and rises again (blower-fan not close) 102 103 105. The fan turns off later than the previous one, but this turns off later in idle and traffic.
Previously, it was 102-100-98 96 93 and the fan was turning off.

In other words, the fan was on in 15 20 seconds, the temperature dropped to 93 and the fan was shutting down, now this time was 1.5 2 minutes on average.

I changed the brushes of the fan-blower With delicate workmanship. It spins at normal performance.

I changed the cooland 50/50 water and antifreeze. I chanced the air filter. I measured the temperature sensor according to the manual, the normal value.The fan itself has been checked many times. There is no fault.

The thermostat seems to be working when I check it from the radiator.But I didn't disassemble it and test it outside, it's the only one left.

Do you have a suggestion?
Welcome. Ambient temperature will affect the performance of the cooling system. Also, the one item you didn’t mention you checked - which would be the first thing I would check - is the radiator cap. If the cap isn’t sealing well, the system looses pressure which results in a higher system temperature and longer cool down times.

By the way, this forum is focused on the 2004 to 2009 FZ6…the 98hp machines.