Hyperflash Won't Die


Feb 27, 2016
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Hey Guys,

Hopefully someone can help.

I installed this integrated tail light - no hyperflash.

Then I installed these LED turn signals in the front - hyperflash.

Then I installed this relay - still hyperflash, but not only when bike is running.

Then I installed these resistors in parallel - still hyperflash, but only when bike is running.

I tried swapping back to the stock relay but I then get hyperflash whether the bike is running or not.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Make sure you recheck all your wiring. Blue or blue with red tracer wire is running light circuit and must not have contact with left or right directional signal path.
Left and right directional wire color codes are brown or green. Black is ground.
Since this anomaly seemed to appear when you installed these front signals recheck the connections.
Any news on this?
No news - you're probably right about the ground and signal wires being swapped. I used a plug in connector from my Yamaha dealer that plugs into the harness - I remember once I plugged it in that the signals worked (with hyperflash) with either wires connected (I must have plugged the ground into the signal wire on one side or the other). There was no running light wires in this set up.

I've got the resistors and the connections all taped up and coated in pvc cement. One day I'll probably cut them all out and just rewire directly to the harness and throw out the connectors I got. It's a low priority for me at the moment since the signals do all still work.

Thanks for your reply,