Selling 2007 FZ6


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I've decided to sell my Fazer. I'm getting a VStrom and don't have space or time for multiple bikes, so I have to sell a couple. It does have a salvage title due to a drop by the previous owner. I can provide all the details about repairs and whatnot to anyone interested. I'll be listing it locally for $2000. PM me your offer.

I'm in Fort Thomas, KY and can't offer delivery but I may be able to meet a regional buyer halfway, or some such arrangement.



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Well shoot I can’t sell this bike. I enjoy it too much so I’m just going to have to make the space. Admins please delete if that is appropriate.

Gary in NJ

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Site Supporter many (including myself) have come to that conclusion. It’s just a great all around bike. It bridges the gap between older analog bikes and newer all digital bikes.


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I put over 50k on the fast blue s2 09' brand new one, sold it [without needing to ugh]. Then bought a slightly slower 08' black one, with 5k miles on it give or take. Within a month the other owner who didn't realize what he had before truly, already voiced his regret over wanting a zuki' 1000 sport touring. Said this one was the best one ever. I agree :p