Suggestions for Tire Installation in Calgary


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I've decided to change the stock originals on my '06 mostly because they're getting old. I was thinking of ordering them on-line and taking the bike or the rims into a local shop, since I don't have the required tools. I'd prefer not to remove the wheels but will do if necessary.

Anyone have suggestions as to a place in town that would make this as painless as possible (for me)?

I've owned the bike for all of two weeks so I have no prior experience with bike service in Calgary



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So to partially answer my own question:

Bow Cycle - has a special of $48 per tire - installed on bike. Regular $60/tire
GW Cycle World - 1/2hr flat rate labor per tire = $110
Blackfoot Motosports - $139.47 - installed on bike
Redline Motorsports - $65 for rear, $55 for front - installed on bike ($40 per tire installed on rims)
Pro-Am Motorsports - 1-1.5 hours labor at $120/hr
Walt Healy Motorsports - $60/tire -installed on bike
Mountain Toys Cochrane - $130 - installed on bike
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If you're down in the south end of the city, or if you don't mind the trip, I'd suggest checking with Seitzco Motorsports in Okotoks, 403-995-1555. They're a Yamaha dealer and that's where I take my bike for any service I (or my husband) can't do. The bike's currently there having the gas tank replaced after a hit and run early in June.

For installing tires, with the wheels OFF the bike, they charge $25 per tire. I know you said you don't want to take the wheels off, but we usually do, so I don't know what there price is for removing the wheels as well.

I've had nothing but good service from them, so it would be worth a call!

Oh, and if you're interested in buying the tires locally, my hubby and I use Metzeler Roadtec Z6's on both our bikes (he's got a ZX-11, same tires as the FZ6), and we've found the tire pricing at Setizco to be competitive as well.
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why not just take the $ that you are going to spend on labor for this one tire change and buy the tools that you need to do it yourself?

I got all my tire changing stuff for about $100 and now i can do all tires by myself from now on. Same as the cost of 1 tire change and now i can do it myself.


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why not just take the $ that you are going to spend on labor for this one tire change and buy the tools that you need to do it yourself?
1. I'm unlikely to put on enough miles to justify more than one tire change every 4-5 years, given our short riding season.
2. I have limited space in my garage and workshop. I have lots of tools for my model airplanes that get priority.
3. I don't have the confidence to do the work safely and without scratching my rims
4. No one has shared with me how to acquire tire-changing equipment and a balancer for $100. All the equipment I've seen is much more expensive.