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  • Oh wow, just a strange coincidence i guess! Here I was prepared with an inspirational speech about how influential you have been to my growth as a rider... Oh well!
    Hey Eric, Are you a MSF instructor? I had an instructor in NYC this past summer that lived in Jersey and had an FZ1 and an R6. Sorry this sounds like a Craigslist missed connections post haha.
    Eric, take a look at this, perhaps there is something to gleen from it..Motorcycle Suspension Set-up
    Me Again!! Thanks for your support on this! Great job!! 2007++ FZ6 Parts Reference Diagram/Images X46
    Thanks for the rep. Wish you lived closer so I could meet you and your wife in person. You seem like my kind of people. :) ...or is it me that lives too far away? hehe
    Thanks for the rep! I thought the article was very relevant for all of us :)
    That short stroke 90 deg. V-twin is addictive. The SV is called the Po man's Ducati! Lol! I don't know if I could go back to the I-4. Maybe a V-4, a crossplane crank or a triple! :)
    The torque is different and throttle in the turns takes finesse because it can change your line quickly...
    Thanks for the rep Eric. I try my best to give unbiased medical perspective on here without letting it get too personal. Hope to catch you in a ride soon! -Rob
    you're off to FLA. huh? My son just texted me, it is 71 down there now....smartass kid! We're expecting snow this weekend :p
    Have a good time and we do expect pics! LOL
    Poor thing, but I know what you mean about the extra duties...I've never done this much yard work!!! LOL
    He went down a hill on the KTM into a nasty rut. Broke the arm just above the wrist. We've been on street bikes for years, buy these little dual sports and with a few months on them both of us are hobbling around! Next year we'll be better :D
    I hope!
    Oh No! How did your wife break her arm?
    John (my husband) is also currently in a cast....I hope she's handling the pain better than he is! ;) LOL
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