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    Flasher relay

    That's what I thought as well but it has been a few years since I had my FZ6 so I was not 100% sure. I knew you would know though and eventually chime in!
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    Flasher relay

    This is the relay you want to bring your flash rate back to normal. It replaces your existing relay.
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    Please help me with an attitude check

    When in doubt, throttle out! I probably wouldn't of put my high beams on him either, that's not going to fix anything and just piss him off. Just get yourself out of the situation asap.
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    scorpion exhaust for your stock +cash

    That's a great deal! Somebody should snatch this up.
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    Firefox issue?

    All better! Thank you!
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    Firefox issue?

    Correct. Just checked, Firefox still not working. Does as the OP states. Only web page I am having an issue with. Works fine with IE.
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    Firefox issue?

    I'm having the exact same issue. Logged on through Internet Explorer right now.
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    Buying my first motorcycle help

    7 owners, dent in tank, scuff on frame, possibly leaking fork seals and who knows what else is leaking, won't let you on a test ride (do you have cash in hand?, sometimes that matters). All red flags and I would run away! If your budget is $2500 you can find one a year or two older which will...
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    Leo Vince Pipes Buy Now or What?

    There is no O2 sensor on the S1 which is what you have. Even if you had an S2 it would be before the cat on the header pipes. Your fine, just install it and ride! Be prepared for a little popping on decel though but no worries as that is normal. You'll love the sound and getting rid of the...
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    New guy here, looking for advice!

    Welcome to the forum! I was once like you a new rider on an FZ6 (have since moved up to the FZ1). I'm 5'7" here and as far as rider height you get used to it. Height doesn't matter once your moving, just ask the guys in MotoGP, they're all short. I would suggest you ride it awhile before you...
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    Aftermarket Exhaust

    Well this is just an FZ6 specific forum and not a general motorcycle forum. Also it's the dead of winter for most so they're not really thinking about their bikes too much. Activity picks up once we get closer to spring. Be patient they do come up quite often as people look to go back to...
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    Fly 8th st. mesh jacket size lrg - $60 shipped

    One more bump before springtime!
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    Grip Puppies - $15 shipped

    One more bump before springtime!
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    Grip Puppies - $15 shipped

    I'll take a picture of it on the FZ1 Grip. I want to say the length is somewhere between 4 1/8 and 4 1/4 and they fit perfect but I will double check that as well. I also double checked the part number for the 2nd gen FZ1 and the FZ6S2 grips and they are the same so I know they will fit the...
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    Grip Puppies - $15 shipped

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