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  • No wasn't us. No riding this weekend - Mike has a few stitches in his head and can't wear his helmet for a week.....

    We'll have to organise another ride soon.
    hey ya
    where u riding around midland on Saturday at all and did u guys come into my work? i saw a fz6 with custom plates a few times that day

    sorry i missed the perth ride

    had bad day on friday and not the best mindset to ride
    We're in.

    Rossi, Rossi, Rossi, Rossi, Rossi, Rossi, - oh I have to pick a 2nd. Now that's a problem....
    Hey Kazza, you and hubby gunna go in the MCN fantasy road race?? Easy stuff, pick 2 riders from each.. MotoGP, WSB and BSB.. you get whatever points they get each race meet. Join up :)
    Hey, thanks for letting me know i won BOM.....if it wasnt me, would of loved to it have been you that one.....you will get my vote again....Cheers.
    Thanks! I cant wait to get my racing license in may. How would I go about being an estimator being 21 years old. I have been in the trades almost 2 years now and took lots of building classes in high school.
    I see that you are an estimator. I work in the HVAC industry doing mainly ductwork for geothermal systems in multimillion dollar homes.

    Did you go to school for estimating? Im looking into doing just this.
    Yes. Had a great day so far - went riding through the countryside this morning - lots of twisties! Watching Aus v Pakistan in 1 day cricket and then we're having a BBQ. :thumbup:
    Well, at least you weren't hurt this time. Asked for you at work 2 weeks ago, but it was your day off. Catch up with you next time.
    ohh they dont like me riding ( had a nsaty accident back in 07 , 4 weeks hospital and 3 surgerys, etc ) and even though this accident was very very minor no inuuries at all

    so yer going to be fun

    and yes i live at home :)
    not sure going to speak to them tomoz, great weather yer 35deg heat LOL

    i cant wait but going to be a **** storm with my parents!
    Senna is fine. It was a large grass seed stuck up her nose! $408 later and she's home! There goes my power commander for a couple of weeks. hahahaha
    glad to hear it and glad i was able to help you out. they take a little getting used to because they will make the grips "bigger" but once you get used to them.... oh so much better. if there's anything else i can do for you don't hesitate to ask.
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