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  • Yea I love the white, and saving about 3900 on the purchase price helped the decision alot!
    It is a rather expensive choice, but as you said the aftermarket ones are pretty ugly/undesirable! I found it did help, but you still feel the air mainly around your head/neck area when its installed (but alot less on your chest). I honestly don't really notice the wind all that often though anymore, so I'd say its doing a good job!
    gained nearly 10hp at the rear wheel, bike runs much smoother, much better torque curve, and bike never goes out of tune....money very well spent.
    Hi Kazza I live in the Gaer, Newport. One of my riding buddies live's in Caldicot, just off the roundabout at Magor services. Wish I lived in OZ.
    Hey - i LOVE the carbon scorpion cans. Any advice on where i can hold of some of these myself? (im in BrisVegas)
    Hey - Actually my mistake. Mine is a 08 model as well. And isnt the white/red just the hottest scheme available? Still loving it as much as the day i got her.
    went to the post office today. for standard shipping it shouldn't be more than 5 bucks (u.s. obviously). if you'd like i can just order the pups, have them sent to my house, mail them to you and then give you the total and you can do one payment into my paypal. let me know what you want me to do from here.

    Hey, just invited you to join the Aussie Fizzers....a social group i set up, which is sadly underused! Oh, and a friends request....love ya work since you have been in here too...heaps of great posts! cheers!
    i thought i remembered it being a crazy price to be shipped to y'all.

    offer still stands. i'm out of town right now for thanksgiving. i'll be able to check into the shipping costs for you on tuesday or wednesday. as soon as i know something i'll let you know.
    Hey guys I am looking to change my bars out to a style with a lower rise, has anyone else done this, if so could you let me know where you got them. Thanks
    right here
    Motorcycle Accessories from California Sport Touring, Inc.: GRIP PUPPIES ™ Small. (1 Pair) Pick First Class Mail for Free Shipping.
    although i have heard that they charge a pretty penny to ship over to y'all.

    check into it and let me know. if it's a crazy amount for shipping i wouldn't mind ordering them and shipping them over to you if i could get the usps to give me a better rate.

    hope that helps.

    ps, my sisters name is karen. nice name.
    Hey I should have mentioned your fine collection of bikes, Wow. Very nice, love the FZ Mods. Did you add after market headers too? I was pretty happy with my stock bike, til I started looking around this site and ive seen some really great additions, Im sure thats how it all starts. Great job mate.
    Hello Mate! Like i said I am still new to this site and didn't see your reply. Sorry bout that. I have a few friends in Melbourne, never been myself but it seems like a great place. wish I could bring my bike out there. Funny thing about Australia, it makes me think of MadMax, last of the V8 interceptors... you guys are wild.. haha. just Joking with you.
    Thanks Kazza, This site is a little overwhelming, but its good to see all the FZs. I just got my FZ and went up Palomar Mountain in SD. What a day. Let me know where you are at. Thanks again for the welcome.
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