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  • I will be getting into St Louis tomorrow and staying at the Hilton across from Busch Stadium. Did you want to get in on some tix? I found a guy who lives in Crestwood willing to let 2 go for $35 a piece in the lower level Section 167 on the front me (I'm PM'ing you my email)
    I will leave this Sunday for my trip and will be in the Lou probably on the 8th or 9th. The St Louis group down to go to a Cardinals game with an Astros fan one of those nights?
    Sticker arrive 'Down Under' yesterday mate :cheer: looks awesome , i'll post a pic when I get it on the car :thumbup:
    Festus, MO? I go through there on my way to visit family in Jonesboro from Minneapolis. I will swing through on the new (to me) FZ this June. Down for a group ride?
    Hey bud, fellow St Louis area guy here. Had the FZ6 since the first of October and LOVE it! I just read your trip journal to California and back. I especially noted the comment on Vail, Colorado. That area really is beautiful!!! My Brother-In-Law is John Bommarito (the car dealer) and he has a magnificant three story home in Beaver Creek (Avon) and he lets me use it when I want. I ride out there yearly and can't wait to get there on the FZ!

    Thanks for posting the ride pics. I loved them.

    Hey Krid, been nice out lately! Hey Im thinking about getting a power commander, not really sure how to set it up, but I was reading through one of your old threads and seemed like a pretty cool deal only if you have the mods to back it up, Im probably going to order an air filter too, ive seen a lot of debate back and forth between kn and stock air filter. I need some recommendations please =)

    I figure since I have the 520/exhaust/airfilter, it might be worth getting, I just need some opinions from someone that actually knows what they are doing :)
    soon as k4 comes in ill let you know, ill dig up the windscreen this week and drop it off for ya,
    Oh yeah I'll stick around! It's not about the bike but about the peeps that ride em and we have the best! Just look around...A lot of the people (Sport Bike Riders) I ride with have shown me that there are certain body positions that get you past the sport bike position and it seems to work for them. We'll typically ride over 200+ miles and that includes a lot of shifting body work. So it's a workout in the sense of energy expended and you're constantly changing your position or ride twisted or Captain Morgan. Hahaha

    The FZ6 is a phenomenal bike and I've done riding on it that I never dreamed I'd do. I'll miss that bike. I needed a better suspension for what I've been doing. The FZ6 dyno'd was a surprise to the other liter bikes and although other bike were faster I represented the FZ6 in the twisties.
    Actually the FZ had FZ1 bars and I rode a little more forward. Yes this is more forward but amazingly comfortable. I do a lot of sport riding here in SD and we do it year round. I was so freaked when I finally got to ride it I could stop. 1st gear is tall on these and they say,good for 100MPH I'm not the type that practices wheelies, the just happen when I'm having fun. Hey there was some guy riding the R1 around the world! Talk about sport touring! Haha!
    Okay....I'll squeal.....An 09 R1 Blue. Effin awesome machine! Can't believe it! I'm psyched!!!
    Cross plane crank engine that sounds like the bike from hell. Amazingly very comfy for me. I thought I wouldn't be able to ride one but after riding a ZX6R last Saturday for a few minutes I wasn't that comfortable in just a few minutes. Wasn't the best of test setting either but when I sat on the R1 the ergos seemed different and the ride home was, well enlightening! I'm pumped but it going to rain here till Tuesday!!! F*****Ck!!!
    The motor sounds like a smallblock V8 with a mild cam Hahaha! It's sick......
    hey dirk, you going to go to midnight madness or do a trackday/test the track this year?
    Dirk, I just got a PM about some fairings.....she has an '06 FZ6, will those fit my '07?
    Thanks :)
    Nevermind, I just looked at the 06/07 & the front cowls are definetly different. So I don't think it'll work.
    thanks anyway
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