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  • wow sorry i never knew i got visitor messages, the superfast 2005 is no longer with us (RIP) i high sided into a ditch trying to avoid a few deer, but i have to say that the Faster Blue 06 is a worthy replacement. =)
    Thanks Mark,
    That would be so great if we can get it off the ground. I will need to start saving asap.
    The cost of living has gone mental. My car tax goes up by another £200.00, energy prices set to sore by 60%. I am going to tell the wife that if I don't do it next year I wont be able to do it lol.
    Hi, right o, good plan, me to with the other half. I did a few checks on the inter web and Spa seems a good ride of about 8 hrs (6.5) from Reading, so a stop off in France would be good.. slurp slurp and then a few days at the circuit. Other races in Italy and Spain would be too far for a short break away.
    What do you think

    ;)Ah Neil, that why your called the STIG, such wise words from some one so..??? LOL.

    The trip cost about £500 for the ferry, chunnel and rooms inc food and I also spent about 300 euros, on booze and fuel and food (in that order of course):rockon:

    If were to do a run next year, we need to think about where and when and who??, 6 was a good mix, more I think could get a tad busy?
    The meter will drop as the battery is charged. The reason it drops is less juice is needed the closer it gets to full capacity... Generally they will go down to like a 2 amp charge and stay there....

    I have either a bike Data Tag or Smart Water kit to give away. As a Forum friend, you have 1st choice. If you want it, email me at work ([email protected]) with your address by 1200 on the 23rd, if not it will be sent (provided you would like it) when I get back from a blast to the Assen Moto GP, from the 25/6-1/7). The kit has to be for your use only as I have to register it with the Donor Org in your name... sorry, their rules.

    Best wishes, Mark

    Hi Mark,
    Not at all offended. I have posted you an invite. I forgot that it had to bee done from in side the group.

    Hi Neil

    Hope your not offended at my dig at your poor mpg?

    Thanks, for your message about the UK group, but i can't do as you said from my CP, am I missing something?

    Im in Loughor, not far! and that's about as much welsh as i know!

    Thanks for the welcome!

    Hi Mate, I am based at the hospital 1 mile away. The Royal Berkshire Hospital.
    My hospital contact number is 01183228951 text me next time your down and we might be able to meet up.

    hey, where abouts in Reading do you stay, I usually go to Microsoft Campus for Software Developer events. The down side is that they usually finish at night.
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