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  • Yoka, something like this: The smooth shaft near the head of the bolt would pass through the rubber vibration grommet so the headlight assy can 'ride' on the rubber.

    Lag Bolt, 1/2" x 2" # 01330 by Midwest Fastener
    Thanks alot man for the help.

    I live in dubai, hardly few Fz6s around and less poeple who work on their bikes on their own.

    Will visit a hardware store tom with the bolts and choose something bit longer and double check with your measurements. if i failed, may be it is the time to upgrade the whole front from '05 to '07
    thanks again man
    Hey thanks man i honesty didn't know it was a big deal although i have notice my cornering seems off figured it was just me (probably is a little) but yeah i'm about to give that a try thanks again
    greetings psnbye... I'm NW of Portland, along Hwy 30. In the hills above St Helens, more towards Rainier.
    Where in Oregon are you? I'm in Mt. and there are few members in the northwest.
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