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  • Sounds great, keep in touch in august and we can see which color is faster haha. Nice pic btw howd you manage to get a pic at 121!? ive had mine up to 151, but there's no way id be holding a camera that fast haha.
    I was planning to go through Glacier Park coming down from Calgary but decided to pass as the weather was uncertain. Still got drenched. I've been stretching my rides way too far so the past couple of nights I had been getting in around midnite, just getting up 5 6 hours later and rolling again. So I made it a point to get into Bozeman around 6 at night, go in the hot tub and enjoy a nice dinner and get some good sleep as once again, I had a monster ride the next day, back to Vegas via Yellowstone and the Grand Teton which turned out to be 938 miles. I'm planning to head back up to Banff since it was so beautiful so next time I'll have something else to look forward too. I really wanted to ride along that lake, I think you called it Flathead.
    Hi! I was hoping you could give me some info on weather there. My husband & I are planning a trip thru Glacier and we're thinking around June 18th. Do I need to pack my winter gear? Any insight would be appreciated. Thank You :)
    Sorry for the delayed reply about your msg to me back in late Oct. re: my plate in my av. I've been off the forum for a while. I figure my plate is a vanity plate, so how dangerous can it be to show it? Besides I show it to hundreds of ppl every day when I ride. Not like I'm handing out my SS#. ;-) Keep the rubber side down....
    Hi There I just read your'e message I don't check it too often. Yes I do ride not often thou, I do have a electric jacket which makes for a warm ride. What part of the N/W do you call home? I live in Mount Vernon Wa. For the next 2 weeks I'll be out of town. I'm going on a short mission trip with some friends from our church to Cambodia.

    Take Care

    Hey ITSME!! Where in the North West do you ride? I am also calling the NW my home for now. I would like to re-locate to the Kalispell or Missoula area soon.
    Thanks for the reply! i luv getting the wheel up on the FZ6, fairing is gone seeings how my FZ6 is going naked.
    The picture was taken in Washington State on Hwy 20 close to Washington pass. Last week 8/12-8/15 my oldest son , grandson ( 9 years old) and I went on a 1600 mi. ride to crater lk. It was really nice got a bike picture of the lake too.
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