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  • I would be but I have the msf course this weekend. After this weekend i should be down for a ride any weekend.
    Hi Dave,

    Appreciate your interest in the kit. The kit is good quality Yamaha made. It is mechanically direly plug 'n' play and required absolutely no modification. It comes with everything you need to install and you dont even have to buy a single bolt.

    Here is the link to my classified on SBN.

    FS:- FZ6N Naked FZ6 Headlight assembly---NEW--$275 -

    Please feel free to CALL/TXT/EMAIL if you have any questions.
    Looking forward to working with you.
    Vishnu Sharma
    [email protected]
    I can see how that would be the case. Haha, Does your chain throw oil everywhere? I'm mostly worried about it flinging oil up the back of my left leg.
    Hey! I was just wondering how you like riding without the rear hugger/chainguard on? I'm still considering whether or not I want to go that route myself.

    If I had a bike I would...I binned the R1. Two broken ribs and screwed up my hand....F*****CK!!!!!
    Holy smokes! Look at your personality picture! Very Cool!

    Doing great Dave! Ribs are much better and I might get a ride in on Sat. if I can grab my buddy's Duc.620E Monster. Might meet up with BryanDH
    R1 is getting repaired and can't wait to have my ride back.
    Maybe you can slip away for a ride on Sat.?
    Probably not Sat. unless the weather report changed. I thought it was supposed to rain. Also I have a special family dinner on Sat. and I want to be fresh cuz I have to drive some miles. If it's nice on Fri. I'm still going....
    Don't even sweat it! Family is first! I'm done with the 2 Bros. and they look absolutley Beautimuss!! The stock cans are prolly the next ugliest to the B King! Hahaha :rof:
    Not a problem Dave! I had to take my wife's brandy new car in cuz the radio just quit...
    Will see you the 13th. I'm putting on 2 Bro Titaniums as we speak Hahaha! You'll like the new tooth combo. See you soon....
    Yes! I got your message! Very cool news on the business and I remember you saying you might be doing something. Let me know if you need help. I'm possibly looking at work at Fun Bike Center but they may want me on the weekends and I don't do that anymore unless there's no choice. Congrats on the new business. I already got the PC-V and Two Bro pipes and goodies as a package for the R1 . Wish I had known sooner! I even got a new Shoei RF1100 in the package...See you on the 5th!
    Dave, good meeting you last week. The ride was amazing! Thanks for pointers!! Look forward to the next group ride with all you guys.

    Best regards,

    going riding early AM with a neighbor and Westgoingzax. Interested? We could possibly meet out there somewhere.... If interested 858.444.5126 after 6AM

    Yeah, that was a great ride last Saturday. Thanks again!
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