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  • Wavex, your bike is beautiful. Would you mind listing out a modification list for me? The pipes look way expensive, but everything else I would like to acquire at some point. It just flows so well. Thanks for your time
    Happy TG David! Doing okay. Got a nasty respiratory bug but other than that I'm ready to ride! :D
    You must have had a 6th sence that we were thinking of ya!
    You & the Buell are looking good :thumbup:
    Especially like the lighthouse pic! lol
    Thanks for the rep David :thumbup: I was certain somewhere in the back of my head there was a niggle that told me rolling resistance made terminal velocity null & void :D
    how's it going stranger???
    I made a reference to you in a travel post I did...NOBODY has gotten the joke yet!
    Oh well, guess it'll be our secret ;)
    Hey David, I just realized that I never got one of your "French" cigs when I was down for our ride. Now I really am bummed....
    I didn't know if you saw my reply on my message board, I'm kinda remedial when it come to that so here's the answer.. It blows dude. I haven't ridden since I got back, between work being nuts and my screwed up left hand that took a week to heal, it just sucks. You can't imagine how much I miss being down there with you and John and being able to go riding with you guys. give him my regards when you see him.
    Cheers, John
    Ha Im at work spending lots of time looking for your specific details..is there a post you can remember where you listed things. The burlington yamaha headlight website doesnt seem to work. If you get a chance could you PM me what mods you made or direct me to the post!!! Thanks for your help man :)
    Hey Wavex! i sent you a PM but im not sure if it went through due to your inbox being full...if you get a chance PM me...i want to know what you did to make your FZ6 look so BA. Thanks!!
    Hey Wavex this is SteelRain again I FINNALLY got my head light and was following your youtube videos and couldnt find part II went to your page and found out it was blocked is there any chance you still have that video and could send it to me. My email is [email protected] I hope you don't get sick of me asking you questions cause I'm sure I'll have more haha thanks hope to hear from you soon
    Just been fighting for a new job, finishing last semester of school, and getting married. All in one year, it's a little crazy for me too.
    Well Congrats on the promotion!
    And when regular posters go MIA, well....MOM MODE kicks in! :)
    You don't waste any time! haha! I thought you already had the parts! LOL
    I might push it up and down Pally t'day since I'm pretty close....Will see you when you get here!
    Hahaha! I know what you meant! Is there even a Suzuki in Moto GP? Haha! let's ride! When are you going to have that suspension done!
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