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  • Hey Steph,

    Thanks for your very kind Rep, BTW this page is great how did you do that?

    Nelly X
    ok Steph, I only need 3. And they are in user 'signatures'. Can you give a hint as to how to find them?
    not sure about's gonna be 'chaotic' at best. But still gonna play your game, see how far I get....
    well, I've been at your "game" for almost 2 hrs. now....getting a headache....where'd you come up with all these questions girl? I've only got 6 so far. (run out of room screaming)
    Steph....I found a ponytail in I can be my color & blonde when I want sweeeet!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the rep... some scary **** being said in that thread... somehow I am not surprised though heh
    probably be best if I send it to your e-mail might be too big for here & I don't know how to shrink it =(
    you know us older folks are sometimes computer challenged! Oh and I do see the little mountain Sweeeet!
    I was wondering if you got your helmet pigtails yet? I thought they were so cute I made my own out of a hairpiece I found in the toy dept. of a Wal-Mart. I attached it with velcro & it held up pretty good, even on the highway! Just a bit tangled by the time I got home. I'll post a pic, if I can figure out how......
    Here's a dopey pic of me so you know who you are talking to or meeting up with :)

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