1. FB400

    Bar End

    Offering a single OEM bar end Sold my Fz6 - no longer have a use for it. It has some scratches and could use a repaint but otherwise is in very good shape. no rash or anything. Pay for fair shipping and it is yours
  2. zixaq

    Pricing help please

    So I've got two months to get rid of my 2004 Silver FZ6 that blew it's engine. Right now it's parked in a garage that's costing me only $100/month, which isn't awful. Options: 1) Sell as is, needs new motor. How much should I ask for? $1000 too much? Better to call it a parts bike or just...
  3. S

    Looking for front yellow/amber reflectors

    If anyone has the front yellow/amber reflectors lying around that they don't need please let me know. I will pay shipping of course. Thanks in advance.
  4. twobob1

    Cheapo carb tune pro shall I buy and try??

    Found these cheap throttle body balancing gauges, question is to buy or not and try to use them? Anyone know if they might work on our bikes? I don't want to pay 15 times a much for something ill only use once and may even need no adjustment at all...
  5. M

    F/S: Stock Windscreen, FREE just pay shipping

    I have a stock windscreen packed and ready for use that's just taking up space. Just pay for shipping and its yours. -Mike
  6. hk_fz6_05

    speedo healer

    more attic clutter clearing out. This time new in box speedo healer v4 and wiring harness (SH-YO1 and SH-V4) anyone wants they pay the shipping. please pm me if you want it. cheers
  7. A

    FREE: Stock FZ-6 seat

    Up for grabs is a stock FZ-6 seat in good condition. I got it for free from another member with the intent of using it for a TS seat and instead purchased an already-finished TS seat. You pay shipping or we can arrange a pickup (western Wisconsin / eastern Iowa).
  8. cvalliere

    Front Axle

    Hello! I have a front axle and included axle nut from a 2006 FZ6. pay shipping and it's yours!
  9. The_Paragon

    Wanted - s2 Windscreen - Can be Crappy.

    Looking for an S2 ('07+) windscreen. Its going to get cut on, chopped, painted, maybe heated and bent.... who knows. So it can look like crap, I'll take it. Willing to pay like $10 or $15 shipped. PM me! I can PayPal or send cash in a birthday card! Thanks!!
  10. D

    in need of a left mirror (oem)

    located in NC, will pay for shipping, can't seem to find one anywhere
  11. FinalImpact

    Selling AS IS - what would you pay for this? Post your bike too!

    Not that I'm looking to sell the Hot Raven Chick but the question goes out, what would you pay for her as is? Share your thoughts! Let me say that she will either leave us as a crash victim or be sold as is. I'm not into taking it all apart! With some level of certainty, I'm sure some wise...
  12. Love@FirstRide

    Small claims court? anyone with experiance?

    Well, a few of you may remember my post on getting knocked off my bike entering a Walmart parking lot, that resulted in the other guy getting the ticket. So apparently in Colorado police reports are not admissible in court. My x lawyer dropped my case because it would be too hard to prove...
  13. outasight20

    Free stock seat

    Small tear visible in picture, otherwise great shape. Free to a good home just pay shipping or come and pick it up!
  14. 4drfocus

    Icon Field Armor "Stryker" vest

    (Sold). .
  15. lytehouse

    lytehouse's Pazzo's are SOLD!

    I used these on my FZ6 and they fit the FZ1 as well. They are in great shape, no scratches and no fading. They are Pazzo long levers in black with red adjusters. Asking $90 and you pay shipping....Thanks for looking. PM me if interested :)
  16. 2wheelieadv

    Front brake pads advice

    What do you think of these: BikeMaster Organic Brake Pads - Or, is it worth to pay more for these (and why) EBC Sintered Double-H Brake Pads -
  17. metallicat

    F/s black mirror extenders new

    From another awesome item I never used or installed ... $40 shipped to lower 48. Can ship anywhere else on the planet I suppose as long as you pay shipping. Thanks! SOLD!
  18. redballs

    Pay it forward... 08 FZ6 parts...You pay the shipping.

    Grab bar (SHIPPED) Rear side fairings (SHIPPED) Front wheel fender (SHIPPED) Exhaust cowl Seat (SHIPPED) Stock shock (SHIPPED) Stock calipers Master cylinder Rotors Ottimoto rear sets spare parts (I don't think all the parts are still here but for anyone looking for spare...