1. swedespeed

    Black Handlebar Risers 1" Up 1.25" Back for 7/8" bars

    email me [email protected] Dramatically improved the comfort on my FZ6. These are brand new, never been installed (they were a second set I had). $30 shipped. These risers are placed between the factory bar clamps and will raise the handlebars 1" upward and 1.25" backward while retaining...
  2. FB400

    Free - SW Motech Risers - need 1 thread repair

    Hey all - These are up for grabs for anyone who wants them. SW Motech Risers - to give a little more comfort for long rides. 1 Thread will need to be repaired (Marked with an X in sharpie) I'd recommend getting a threaded insert. I used them for touring and these won't fit the bike...
  3. J

    Ebay bar risers :thumbs up:

    I'm 5 7' and have to lean slightly forward to reach the bars. It's never put an ache in my back but after seeing everyone compliment the comfort after installing risers I decided to try a pair. At around 30 bucks I didn't have much to lose. The risers I purchased are 30mm up/20mm back. I'm...
  4. RPF

    07 FZ6 bar risers question

    I need about 1" up and back on my bars for better comfort. What riser set will work with the FZ6 top clamp, and has anyone had any problems with not having enough cable slack? Thanks

    Top handlebar clamp and Rox Risers

    Got the risers and the original clamp wouldn't work with it. $50 for the Rox Risers and $30 for the clamp...includes shipping to the states. Thanks!
  6. Palerider

    Handlebar risers?

    Has anyone installed a handlebar risers on their Z? I came across one on the old inter-web that gives a 2 inch rise and a 1inch rearward adjustment. While it sounds like it might make things easier to reach, I am wondering if this will require new cables and front brake line to accommodate the...
  7. F

    Bar Risers

    1" up 1.25" back risers. Black finish. Used for only about a month. Very good condition. $35 shipped to continental US.
  8. QwickFliCk

    For SALE: FZ6 Performance Parts: ohlins damper, clip ons, HVMP bar ends, set back plates,

    Hey everyone I'm selling a bunch of goodies off my FZ6. Please see below. Thank you! I have more stuff coming keep an eye out for a new thread. Ohlins Steering Damper: Lowered price $475 shipped OBO OSO2K set back plates with bolts and lock washers (shifter rod pivot head NOT...
  9. petergreko


    So I've been having some upper shoulder pain after riding for about 45+ minutes at a time. My commute is shorter than that so I only notice on longer, weekend rides. Anywho, I've been circling around get risers to alleviate the strain and hopefully that will ease the pain. Any riders out...
  10. K

    FZ1 bars and risers for FZ6

    I went back to the stock bars and don't need these anymore. Includes bars risers and the longer bolts that are required. $40 located in Fort Worth, TX
  11. Slopeflyer

    Two mods in one day.

    I've had the the bike a week now today I did the BD43 light mod And handlebar risers up1" in 1 1/4 " . The bike is much faster now:eek:
  12. Gus

    SW Motech bar risers

    SW Motech Barback risers (31mm up, 22mm back) like new silver with all mounting hardware and caps. $80
  13. J

    Handlbar Risers - Rox Speed FX

    Hey, I'm a rather new member, and while I don't post a lot I thought I'd share my adventures pertaining to the wonderful world of handlebar risers! I recently bought my FZ6 and was riding along and thought to myself "hey, this thing is pretty darn comfortable" (last bike was an SV650S, my...