1. FB400

    Bar End

    Offering a single OEM bar end Sold my Fz6 - no longer have a use for it. It has some scratches and could use a repaint but otherwise is in very good shape. no rash or anything. Pay for fair shipping and it is yours
  2. T

    2006 cat delete pipe.

    Hardly used. Who wants it. 25 bucks plus shipping.
  3. T

    Corbin seat 2004-2006

    I have a seat in new condition for sale. Came off a 2006. Asking 220 plus shipping. Located in louisiana.
  4. N

    04-06 right handle assy Switch

    ISO right assy handle switch for 04-06. This assembly has the kill switch and ignition button. Please reply with price and shipping. Shipping to 96822. Mahalo in advance.
  5. Erci

    FS: Givi V46 Monokey Top Case 46L

    SOLD: Givi V46 Monokey Top Case 46L Used for several years, but in excellent shape. I always used 303 protectant on it to keep it looking new-ish. Functions as new. I moved up to Givi V56, so I no longer need this one. $130 + actual shipping or pick up for free (can meet you within 100 miles...
  6. L

    09 FZ6 front fairing, turn signal, right side mirror

    I've got a black front fairing that I'm trying to get rid of. Mine was replaced after the bike fell over in a storm last year, but there is no damage to the fairing that I can see (I wasn't going to tell the insurance company no). Looking for $150 plus whatever shipping will be. I've also got...
  7. I

    I just ordered my 05 cowling

    I just ordered my 05 cowling, and the two inners pieces for $121 plus $21 shipping. My dealer price would have been $185. Ron Ayers same prices would have been $131.23 plus $15 shipping(not a big savings overall). It seemed that Ron Ayers had a about a 5-7 day fulfillment period before the...
  8. S

    Looking for front yellow/amber reflectors

    If anyone has the front yellow/amber reflectors lying around that they don't need please let me know. I will pay shipping of course. Thanks in advance.

    Leo Vince exhaust 2007

    Trying to sell the bike but going to take this off first. Had it on couple of years, no damage to it. $375.00 including shipping. Has been SOLD Thanks!798[/ATTACH]

    Shad Seat

    Hello, I've had the seat a few months, maybe a year, but not really liking it. It's in really good condition, no rips or tears. Asking $200 including shipping...only to lower 48 please. Any questions please ask ... Thanks! Sherry
  11. thisisbenji

    FS: Penske 8983 Shock

    For sale: Penske 8983 shock, sprung for 175 lbs rider. $600 + shipping
  12. M

    F/S: Stock Windscreen, FREE just pay shipping

    I have a stock windscreen packed and ready for use that's just taking up space. Just pay for shipping and its yours. -Mike
  13. TownsendsFJR1300

    2007 Stator Cover F/S

    I have a 2007 stator cover that sustained a 0 MPH tip over. Re-painted, works/looks as new. $35.00 plus shipping from Florida, 33914 (1 lb, 8 oz, about $12.00 in US) .
  14. O

    top rack for 04

    No longer needed
  15. hk_fz6_05

    speedo healer

    more attic clutter clearing out. This time new in box speedo healer v4 and wiring harness (SH-YO1 and SH-V4) anyone wants they pay the shipping. please pm me if you want it. cheers
  16. N

    LF Right and Left Control Assembly (2004-2006, S1)

    Looking for both S1 control assemblies. (Left has hazard switch, high beam switch,etc. Right has safety switch, start button, etc.) Please shoot me your offers that include shipping. Shipping zip is 96744. Mahalo in advance.
  17. UpInTheAir89

    Big Part Out!

    Business first, explanation later. Things already packed and ready to ship: Aftermarket Two Brothers Carbon Slip-On w/ Arrow de-cat midpipe ($500) OEM exhaust: headers (polished), midpipe, muffler, heat shield ($150) Things that need to be packaged (can combine): OEM exhaust...
  18. S

    F/S: Right Hand Contols

    As the title states, excellent condition right hand controls (On/Off and Starter Switch housing). Will fit all years 2004 -2009. Asking $25.00 o.b.o + Shipping. PayPal accepted and preferred. Thank you for looking! Scott [email protected] Photos:
  19. Zealot

    PC3EX For Sale

    SOLD! Got a PC3EX for sale. $100+ shipping and its yours. I was dumb and ordered this without thinking - and it won't work with my current ride. Inbox me! -Daniel