Electrical headlight issue after converting to Naked


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Hi all, really hoping someone can help. I converted my 2005 FZ6 into a street fighter a while ago and did not connect the secondary headlight wire and as a result had not noticed that my tail light was in full on mode the whole time and it kept burning out bulbs. What did I do wrong? How can I connect a secondary light into the headlight connection? I suspect this is what's causing the problem. am I correct? Since the original setup had two headlights and I left one cable not connected I suspect that the circuit is not a full circuit and thus my tail light is on all the time now. Does someone have a diagram or pics as to how the front street fighter headlight should be connected? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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You very likely have two different issues.

Re the tail light.

(1)There's a brake light switch under the front brake lever perch. Check to make sure the plunger is going in and out.
If in doubt, in-plug the wires from the switch, the rear brake light should go out(not operate.

(2) There a rear brake light switch that if not returning fully, will stay on. There's a brake light switch (with a small spring) JUST FORWARD of the rear master cylinder. That switch IS adjustable up and down. Easier to get to if you remove the rt side peg PLATE assembly. It's very possible that switch is simply out of adjustment and needs MORE play so it's NOT activating the light all the time.


As for the headlight, the stock set up, as you know, has one bulb low beam, the other high beam.

Now you have ONE headlight. To convert to ONE BULB that works for both, you need to convert to say the BD43 mod to the RIGHT SIDE, dual filament outlet. Then plug that into your headlight assembly.

You DON'T want both filaments activated at the same time. The BD43 mod turns one filament off as the other is on..


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Sorry to re bump the thread, but I am curious to where you got this headlight? I have a 04 Fz6 and the front fairing just bothers me. these ebay kits dont have the wind shield.