1. M

    Pre-Conversion questions

    Hello friends, I am in the middle of converting my FZ6 into a streetfighter. I would've preferred it to be as simple as ordering a single headlight, and combining the wires, however from what I understand. that will not work: lo beams = no lights/hi beams = hi and lo will be on, causing excess...
  2. D

    Your head light is out!

    That dreaded comment from other drivers when you pull up to a light. "Your head light is out did you know ?" lol had it this afternoon on my way home lol man that comment bugs me defantly going to do the upgrade with the simple run a wire to the other light low beam and soon ... lol Time to...
  3. S

    Lost in headlights: single to dual, halogen to LED

    Hi all, I've just noticed Schoopce mentioning that H4 LEDs are plug and play with H4 halogens, which is great. I want to swap a set of 55/60w halogens for LEDs in these dual headlights (dominators) that I bought for my Fz6n (2007). I'm worried the dual halogens will draw too much from the...
  4. Duckman

    Headlight bulbs

    I’m sure this has been said before, but I want to change my headlight bulbs to xenon white, what is the size of the bulbs. 2008 Fz6
  5. P

    Headlights not working

    I have power to the fuse for the headlights, the turn signals tach and everything else work but the headlight. Anyone have any ideas
  6. P

    Small black box "EP' wired into high beam light???

    HI everyone, new to the forum, just bought a FZ6, second one I've owned, however this one came with a little plastic black wired into the high beam headlight. It has the letters EP on the cover. The bike appears to have stock headlight bulbs and turn signals. Anyone have any ideas? TIA
  7. Kaneda13

    Part number for factory FZ6-N headlight harness

    Anyone have the factory part number for the "N" headlight harness. Just about done with my conversion, and instead of chopping up the harness to shorten it to fit behind the single headlight, I was wondering if anyone had the factory part number. Looking for the harness that goes from the body...
  8. FB400

    WTB headlight housing

    Need a headlight housing. some scrapes or a broken tab is OK. Please let me know what you have.
  9. S

    Rubber problems

    Just got a euro FZ6N headlight "kit" and it is evident (and verified elsewhere) there should be some rubber bits between the headlight body and the sides which hold the indicators. What are they called and where can I source them? The kit didn't include them and they are being a nightmare.
  10. S

    Headlight mod questions

    Okay so i want to upgrade to leds, but also want to do the headlight mod to have 2 low beamd and 2 high beams, anyways, if i order 2 h4 bulbs, one for each side, that are both dual beam bulbs (which means kt has a higj and low beam in one bulb), if i do the headlight mod, then if i have the...
  11. E

    Headlight - Led indicator on dashboard not working

    Hi, I have recently bought a FZ6 S2 2008. There was a known issue included with the purchase. The indicator for the high beam/headlight isn't showing if the headlight is on or not on the dashboard. This is a law here in Sweden that this must be working when the bike is registered/inspected...
  12. adri

    Single headlight FZ6... Both filaments or nothing. Pulling hair out!

    Hey everyone, I've tried researching this already and came across a few good posts, but nothing that addressed my issue, so I'm either not searching for the right terms or I'm the only idiot with this problem haha. Bought a used 2007 FZ6. It came with a Street Triple style of dual headlight...
  13. T

    Where to find headlight retaining clips

    I know the headlights are supposed to have a metal retaining clip, but my bike came missing both. Would a hardware store be the best place to find one, and if so what styles would be best for the bike? Thanks in advance
  14. T

    Decided to Wear my Birthday Suit

    I picked up an 05 FZ6 for $700 with no front fairings and a crap ton of zip ties holding the headlight. Runs, shifts into all gears, needs a few things here and there, but overall not too bad. My goal is to keep the cost down on this project and daily this thing for a while. With that being said...
  15. MIJ_FZ6

    BD43 / Dual Headlight Mod - Best tutorial?

    I've been meaning to do this mod. I don't mind splicing/soldering. Every time I look up the process is get discouraged because the posts are so old and do not have pictures. I'd prefer to have the method that disables the lo-beam filament when I put on the high beam. From what I can tell...
  16. W

    Choosing a headlight

    I am currently looking for a headlight for my conversion, I am looking at a round single 7" headlight. I would like it to be as simple as possible(i'm no electrician).As far as I understand the 06 fz6s is an h4 bulb with hi low. Is it as simple as finding another h4 headlight with hi/low and...
  17. R

    Change headlight to LED bulbs - will that damage rectifier/battery ??

    I have a FZ6N, and I am considering replace the original halogen filament headlight bulb with LED bulbs. The LED bulb is awfully brighter, and consume alot less energy: 25w vs 60w . But I'm still not sure about one thing: can the reduction in power consumption cause any damage to the...
  18. O

    newbie with headlight question

    hello everyone. just bought a 2005 zx6. i understand only 1 dim headlight comes on. but does only 1 bright come on also, or do i have a high beam out? ive read on here about the headlight mod, which i will be doing, but for now im concerned about the basics. lol
  19. R

    Need Help on Streetfighter Conversion

    Hello and welcome all. I just picked up a 2005 Fz6. I want to get rid of the front fairing and put a headlight on it. Can i use the universal ebay headlights? They have a cool small fairing in different colors, and they are like 30 bucks. If not, how do i remove my faring, and what headlight...
  20. S

    VS02/FZ16 Headlight Kit Spare Parts

    SOLD I am cleaning out the shed and found another box with some spare parts for the OEM Yamaha FZ16 headlight which is known as the VS02 kit on this forum. Here is a list of what is included: Headlight Frame - The frame is new and unmodified. Will need to be modified for your application if...