hooked pc3 and laptop up now what?


Apr 19, 2012
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erie pa
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i have 07 fz6, i hooked my laptop up to pc3, and got the map, it currently has a map downloaded and in the notes it says its for 2004-05 fz6 with scorpion slipon exhaust with stock/aftermarket air filter, how do i even know if this is a good setup map wise for my bike? as far as i know only mods to motor/exhaust is m4 exhaust, i saved the map to my computer so i could upload an image but its not letting me, perhaps if i take a pic with phone then upload it, im guessing you(anybody who replies) would need the map info to do so correct? also i cannot update the firmware for the program, is this ok ?
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Your options are to either find a map that was done for your setup, or close to similar, or go and get it dyno tuned for a few hundred bucks. Once a map is loaded into the PC3, your good to go! I wouldn't recommend changing any of the values yourself without a dyno.
fuel change and duty cycle were both 4 with throttle 1 perc, my question is though if the map is setup for an 04-05 and i hav an 07, newer version if i wouldnt be better off unhooking it until i can get it dynoed?
It shouldn't hurt it. Take it for a quick ride with that map in and see how it does. It most definitely wont be optimized though. On a side note, do you have the M4 carbons? If so, got any pictures or sound clips? :)
i have the m4 carbons, they came on the bike, i just thought they were random slipons i honestly knew nothing about bikes when i bought this 2 summers ago lol i can get a clip or two i guess :D... on a side note that map has been on bike since i bought it, i had no clue what pc3 was, only issue i have is sometimes it seems like the bike wants to bog down like im in higher gear that i should be, but its completely random from what ive noticed