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    Thanks for the rep! :)

    Wait.....wondering what?! :confused:
    I noticed you were visibly absent from the Forum. Whoa! 1600+ miles? In how many days? I hope the weather cooperated. Any mechanical issues on the bikes?
    Hey Eric, I don't know if you're familiar with the Tracy Road in NY (Essex County CR 6, I believe). It's about 10 miles from my house. Do a Youtube search for the numerous bike cam videos and check it out. Great twisty 9 mile road that I use to practice my cornering and narrow the chicken strips. Cheers on Labor Day! Dan
    Eric, I appreciate your insight and opinions on the Forum. I have no friends! Can we be "friends on", as they say? Dan
    Fast Lane 1:18 Scale Motorcycle 4 Pack - Kawasaki, Yamaha, Iron Chopper & Honda - Toys R Us - Toys "R" Us

    this shows a 4 pack but the FZ1 is in there....I bought mine as a single but can't find it like that on the site. It's by Fast Lane (a Toys brand) ask an associate where they are.
    Hey Eric...I don't know if you are interested in these or not but, you know those little toy bikes (1:18)??? Well I found a FZ1 at Toys R Us. It only came in silver & they had the R1 in blue. I buy these things for John....as a joke....you know "look honey I bought you a 1098 Ducati" kinda of thing. :) Let me know if you want more details.
    wow, your new profile pic is awesome Eric! Niiiiiice angle! :)

    Thanks for closing that thread... always here when we need you!
    Hey Eric,

    Thanks for the Rep and the kind words. This has been a very positive experience on this forum. I also frequent Sportbikes.net, but that place get's a little out of hand with folks getting too critical of other member's comments or thoughts. I hate that, the whole point to the forum is to make friends with folks who enjoy a similar pass time and hopefully learn from each others experiences.
    I will catch up with the NE bunch one of these days.

    Catch you later.

    Funny you should ask that!!! I have the form in front of me and was just on the phone with him, filling out his choices for which courses. He will have to wait until late October to take it, as all other classes are full, but he is on his way!! :) I am hoping he likes it, but he isn't as adventurous as me, so I am not sure if he'll decide it's for him or not. But the BRC is DEFINITELY the best "first" step.
    I am looking forward to joining Stryken for the Pony Express hand off on Sunday. :)
    3 weeks till i get my FZ1 , they are finding me a yellow one......Cant come soon enough

    Thanks for the rep too mate......
    I dont build anymore unfortunately. I dont have a woodshop.

    You better put some frame sliders on that horse!!!! (just in case it tips over)
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