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  • Last night the moon was so low on the horizon I thought it might literally leave an impression! Looks like your ok tho! :)
    Just wanted to say thanks for the Rep on the 2013 end of season. Some of the hillside pictures you post make the landscape look allot alike. Glad we have such great places to ride! Take Care!
    I miss you!
    I have to start using the laptop more than my phone on the forum....
    Hopefully we'll catch up for a chat soon xx
    Hey Bren! It has been a few weeks since we've had a chat. I've resigned from my job - finish on 23rd, go away to Albany for 3 days then start my new job on 28th. Can't wait :) No riding yet :(
    I kind of thought it was public but I guess not. Will have to change that I guess. Kind of wondered why I was never mentioned for the birthdays. Now I know. Thanks,
    Awfully kind of you, but compared to others I've got so much to learn about photography. Like everything else in life, some times you get lucky! :D
    I completely lost track of the time! I had been looking forward to it, then ...oops. I'll try again next week. Did you say you're usually there between 7-8 Mountain time?
    Thanks for the rep! You are awesome! Wish Jerry's camera was facing forward. But at least now I know I don't panic in such situations :cheer:
    Thanks for the compliment and rep on the photos in The Bar :) Not sure where you are in CO in relation to these current fires, but hope you and yours are all safe!
    Hey, thanks for the well wishes. They're all safe and as far as I know they're actually allowed back in their home right now. I'm not positive on that one, though. But I do know my family is safe, for sure. :)
    This Made Me laugh!!!
    Oh my first job! Dressed up like the Easter bunny and scared the crap outta little kids. Ah, good times when you're a 16 years old.
    One more like that and it might be worthy of a Rep point! lol
    Thanks Brenda. As soon as I can put coherant words together, I'll write something on here with pictures and the whole nine-yards. Leo's full name is Lewis Julian Winston, but we love the name Leo so we want to use it as his nickname. That or LJ.

    Thanks for remembering about the baby btw. That was incredibly sweet of you.
    Hey Brenda! I'm assuming you are referring to the baby. Things are going great! Leo was born Feb 16th @ 8lbs 5 oz healthy as can be. Now if I could only get him to sleep at night instead of during the day! What's new with you? -Rob
    It is very good for support that Audi site...though I've only ever spent time in the 8L and 8P sections, so don't hold it against me if it isn't ;D yep that FZ1 does look really your not reaching for that illusive 7th gear anymore, are you :D
    "Million Dollar Highway?" That doesn't sound like a place I could afford to ride! :BLAA: I'll have to ask my friend Jeremy about that. He's been inviting me up to visit & ride. I may have to take him up on that, I'll just have to remove two spark plugs from my FZ so his Buell can keep up! :D
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