1. MrMogensen

    Completely remove a contact from "Messenger"... how hard can it be?

    Hi! I don't have Facebook but I still sometimes use Facebook's messenger app (it's possible without being on Facebook). Have accidently added a person and seems like that person accepted. I just wanted to remove the person completely again so I just blocked them via the menu - no...
  2. B

    The Karakoram Highway

    Think I just added another ride to my Bucket List: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:
  3. zixaq

    Correct manual CCT model?

    Hey guys, just wondering who has swapped out for an APE cct and double checking model #. APE doesn't list the FZ6 on their model list, but the 99-05 R6 uses their YT1000 model, so I'm guessing that's the correct one? Since I have access to a shop this month and have another week or two down...
  4. J

    2005 fz6 TALL touring windshield

    I am having difficulty sourcing a tall windscreen for my 2005 fz6. I went to cee bailey's (which I want.....), and cal sci....they only list for 2007 up. Has anyone modded for the newer windscreen on the older model? I'm 6'6".....and it's for road miles...

    Don't ride like you drive

    Although the rules of the roads are essentially the same for cars and motorcycles, you must separate your driving habits so it doesn't cross over to your riding. Most of you ride recreationally, therefore you probably spend more time behind the wheel than the handlebars and may forget some of...
  6. agf

    seat cowl

    for those that have been searching lately, this link may help BODY STYLE : seat cover [6518721B] I have bought a few things from japan, service has been prompt and I got exactly what I ordered even tho the site does not always list items in english could be worth a look cheers
  7. Kazza

    The Rolling Stones - off the bucket list.....

    Well, it's done. The Rolling Stones. It's been crossed off my "music bucket list". Saw them on Wednesday night at the Perth Arena - waited 7 months longer than I should have because unfortunately Mick's then girlfriend, L'Wren Scott, took her own life 2 days before they were to play in...