1. FB400

    Free - SW Motech Risers - need 1 thread repair

    Hey all - These are up for grabs for anyone who wants them. SW Motech Risers - to give a little more comfort for long rides. 1 Thread will need to be repaired (Marked with an X in sharpie) I'd recommend getting a threaded insert. I used them for touring and these won't fit the bike...
  2. K

    Purolator oil filters in Aus

    Hi guys, I've just gone over a good thread on oil filters showing a brand which seems to be difficult to get here in Oz. The purolator PureOne PL14610 looks like a great quality filter going off...
  3. J

    I want to replace my spark plugs

    Not sure when the last time it's been done, my 05 FZ6 has about 33K miles on it and 10K of them are from me. I also don't have the tool and it seems pretty important based on the thread that everyone points to (How to: Replace your sparkplugs in 20 minutes - but curious if it...
  4. imfazed

    WTB: two bros/ Leo/ akrapovic exhaust!

    Title says it all. Buying another fz and need one of those 3 exhuasts. Would have gotten one just before this thread but seller sold from out underneath me. Pm me if you have any of these exhausts + details about it. Thanks!!!
  5. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday mxgolf!

    Didn't see it this morning...but here it is! Your own Birthday Thread! Hope you had a wonderful day and all your wishes came true......
  6. Gelvatron

    It has been a while

    I have been away from this lovely community for sometime, but I have to say it feels good to be back. The motivation for me to turn on the computer is the bike. Yes this means it was turned the wrong way. Apparently the wheels have to always stay in contact with the road. Crazy who would design...
  7. Zealot

    Two Brothers Pipes/ Power Commander 3 / 08 FZ6 Engine

    Power Commander 3 / 08 FZ6 Engine for sale! Heya folks! I've got another thread going with little odds and ends, but I figured a thread highlighting the big buck type items would be worthwhile. Payment through PayPal, you pay shipping! Post here or shoot me a PM! Other thread...
  8. Admin

    Forum Upgrade

    Hi everyone. You will notice that we have upgraded to a newer version of Vbulletin. I have been having a hard time getting the old version to work with the newer MySQL, Apache and PHP software on the server so the upgrade was needed. The site is functional but I stlll have to add the plugins and...
  9. FinalImpact

    Will/Wont Forks parts interchange FZ/R6

    I get PMs wanting details about fork stuff, so while I have these things here, I gathered the following. In short, there is nothing from the R6 03-04 (R6S 06-09) standard fork that fits the FZ6. The caps have a different pitch thread, the springs are 250 mm R6 vs 350 FZ. That's not to say...
  10. Beerdrinker

    The “O-ring” thread, a useless thread that won’t solve anything!

    A friend of mine works at the Hutchinson factory. They produce, O-rings for all kind of uses, from water tap to aerospace, you name it. I ask him about the chain O-rings and the tolerance they have to products like WD40, kerosene etc. The answer: The O-rings made for a certain application may...
  11. visions

    vision's FZ6 streetfighter

    might as well make another thread since i'm working on this project again
  12. K

    Hey Guys...

    Great site and a ton of great information here! :bow: Our site ( organizes bike projects in one convenient location with the goal of reaching more interested builders than possible for any single forum. We always fully credit the original builder by linking back to your...

    Wheelies at the track? Banned!

    I'm not a track guy (yet) nor do I watch very much Moto GP. But I thought that I would share you this thread from another forum. A rider got banned for doing power wheelies at the track. It's a very lengthy thread, so it may take several days to go through it if you are that interested...