1. Duckman

    What helmet do you wear?

    Hey there just getting some thoughts of a new helmet. What helmet do you wear? Feel free to reply with pics. I wear the bell rogue camp edition with no mask.
  2. fazil

    Lost right hand glove

    I had a short trip today, when i get on the bike, i noticed that i forgot to wear my gloves, then it was too late to turn back, the trip would be short so decided to go on. After 10 minutes ride, i stopped to check tire pressures and saw that one of my gloves is sitting on the tail bag. I've put...
  3. Spanky's Monkey

    Just joined the uncool kids club

    Taking the MSF next month and I want to have all my gear ready for the riding portion. I actually brought my bike first and just got my temp plate today. Not riding yet cause I don't know how. So anyway in my search for protective gear I decided to settle on hi viz. Here in Decatur, IL it seems...
  4. T

    Uneven front and rear wear, cupping...

    I bought my bike early 2014 (2009 FZ6), bike had fairly new PR3's installed. Since then, I've put roughly 7k miles on them. They are due for replacement and I noticed an odd, uneven wear on them (see pics). I see 2 issues, uneven wear and cupping. I think I can fix the cupping by adjusting rear...
  5. R

    Kevlar liners and stuff

    So I have been riding and using my leathers on my commute to and from work and to clients all around tamp bay. I have to wear khaki's and a polo to work except on Fridays. That day is jeans day! However it has been a pain in the arse to change every stop. I have been looking at the Draggin...
  6. F

    2004 FZ6 for Sale Chicago Suburbs

    Good condition and ready to ride: * Just changed oil and filter * Cleaned and re-lubed chain * New brake pads * Includes Radar Detector Mount by Saeng ($130.00) * Detailed * Tires in great shape Only 17,260 miles. Normal wear and tear for a bike this age, a small ding here, a...
  7. MattR302

    Alpinestars track vest, back/chest protector

    Sold!!! Lightly used, excellent condition. CE level 2 back protector, thick foam padding at the chest, thinner foam padding at the collarbones, kidneys, and obliques. The size is Medium - I'm a 43-44" chest, usually wear size Large t-shirts, wear a size 46 jacket/suit with this on underneath...
  8. fazil

    Cam chain wear check

    I've bought a second hand cam timing chain from ebay long time ago. Seller has claimed that it has low miles but I don't know if it has any wear or not. Is there a way to find out if it is good or bad? I couldn't find any specifications on the service manual.
  9. LFZ6

    Help! Riding gear for vertically challenged....

    I am in a predicament....I thought after losing weight it would be easier to find a riding suit that would fit. I am not to my goal weight yet (only about half way) so I want to find something to get me through the first part of riding season. I will be starting to ride on the track this...
  10. AdamFZ

    Uneven Front Tyre Wear

    Hi all, During my last MOT they advised that my front tyre had uneven wear on it. I can see that the left side of the tyre has like flat spots. I'll try and get a pic soon. What would cause uneven wear on the front tyre ?
  11. FZ09Bandit

    Pirelli Angel GT

    Bit the bullet today and had a new set of these put on. Looking to get a reliable 8-9k out of these I hope. They look good and even rode the new tire home in the rain. Seemed to work very well vrs the dunlops I had before. Will keep this updates as time goes on and they wear. Final price of...
  12. FinalImpact

    Lots of twisties corrected the odd tire pattern

    We went for 200+ mile ride today holding 70'ish mph speeds throughout most all of the ride (corners and straights) and I'm going to say that at least 65% of the ride was negotiating turns. :thumbup: On my pre-ride inspection I saw the left side of the front tire had the razor edge thing...