2006 FZ6, error 46


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All stator legs giving same results. (Stator is already brand new OEM). Checked Ricky stators web site but couldn't find fitting one. @turbodan I'm not sure about used OEM. Because if I get a new one from Amazon I can return it in 30 days. But if you highly recommend used OEM for some reason, I can get used.
Amazon and ebay are full of garbage parts, especially electronics. Cheap knocks offs that may work for a short period of time or may not work at all. Almost everything I buy on ebay are used parts, very rarely do I buy anything new unless it's from a seller I am familiar with and I am certain I'm getting genuine parts.

Yamaha parts are top of the line quality and failures like this are very rare. I wouldn't even consider an aftermarket part in this case. Get a good used part on ebay from a reputable seller and you also have the 30 day guarantee.