1. Duckman

    Headlight bulbs

    I’m sure this has been said before, but I want to change my headlight bulbs to xenon white, what is the size of the bulbs. 2008 Fz6
  2. D

    Headlights And understanding.

    So as i understand it the reasoning behind the two different bulbs is so that when you change the lights the second one turns on and turns on the high beam on the main light. So instead i think ill buy 2 h4 led bulbs and cross the low beam into the other side so i have 2 active lows and...
  3. S

    Headlight mod questions

    Okay so i want to upgrade to leds, but also want to do the headlight mod to have 2 low beamd and 2 high beams, anyways, if i order 2 h4 bulbs, one for each side, that are both dual beam bulbs (which means kt has a higj and low beam in one bulb), if i do the headlight mod, then if i have the...
  4. chokeslam512

    Problems after naked conversion

    Hello everyone, I completed a homebrew naked conversion last year: http://www.600riders.com/forum/fz6-streetfighter/57301-she-got-peeled.html Since then, my headlight has been burning out quickly. The low beam goes and then the high beam. I thought it was because of the old bulb or maybe...
  5. A

    H4 LED lights question

    Hi, I am looking to buy LED bulbs for my bike. I need H4 bi bulbs. Seeing in ebay i see different rating of 35w 60w even 100w. What do i actually need for this or it doesn't matter ?
  6. C

    Upgraded headlight bulbs suggestions

    Simple question, any recommendations for road legal brighter headlight bulbs for a UK 2010 FZ6 Fazer?
  7. yesiwearjumpers

    Lights (Front running lights)

    Hi, Just bought a 05 FZ6 S and am looking to make a few improvements already. The first thing I would like to do would be to change the yellow running lights on the front of the bike. Ideally I would go for some super bright LEDs but I can't find any information about what sort of bulbs are...
  8. gnyce

    trying some LED replacement bulbs out

    Background - got my '05 fz6 back in early Oct (after not being on a bike for... well, a very long time). It didn't need much work, but I've slowly been changing a few things, nothing major - seat re-forming, new windshield, used hard-cases, fix heated-throttle-grips. Headlights were next on...
  9. raja777m

    Nokya Arctic White bulbs and 60LED bulbs in 10 strips.

    Hi Guys, I've changed my headlight bulbs to Nokya Arctic White, Halogens, H4 60/55w and H7 5000k 70W and along with that I would like to show you guys, the multi-color LED strip (10 strips total), mostly I use white, as N.C., doesn't allow RED, Blue and Purple is for cemetery vehicles. I'm not...
  10. L

    Upgraded from a Black XJ600 to a White FZ6R

    Hey guys, my name is Scott. I like bikes and cars a lot. Here was the old XJ New bike :D Anyone know what headlight this is by the way? Bulbs are burnt out... was fun riding in the rain when they went out... Few more toys If you know anything about...
  11. SANGER_A2

    Cheapo dual H4 HIDs Bulbs

    As many of you will be aware, I love to mod my FZ6, but I like to do it as cheaply as possible. I've been mostly lucky so far. I was one of the first to buy the cheap adjustable levers and they've lasted me years with no issues. I bought Scorpion end-cans as they were the cheapest and they've...

    Question about HID bulbs

    I bought BKmoto projector a few months ago. With the kit one of the bulbs did not work, I called and he sent me two more bulbs. I thought great, I'll have a spare. Well sure enough one of the bulbs burned out so I replaced it--->PIA!!! The spare he sent me is not working. So out of the 4 bulbs...
  13. Judd

    PIAA Xtreme White Plus Bulbs

    Hard to really call this a mod - it took about as long to install the new bulbs as it did to get them out of the box from Amazon and remove from the PIAA packaging - but this was an easy, affordable upgrade. I went with the Xtreme White Plus bulbs, the ones with the blue tips, and they are...
  14. G

    What Headlight Bulb Do I Need? Euro Mod Headlight

    Hey there, Just got my motorcycle license and purchased a 2004 Yamaha FZ6. It has some sort of Euro headlight mod I believe, and I am wondering if I have the correct bulbs. The person I bought it from gave me the old bulbs but I didn't see how they fit into where they should go. I have new...