1. B

    Swingarm for FZ6 S2 2008

    Hi! I have a problem with my swingarm, and want to change to the earlier model (silver with adjusters at the rear). My question is, will it fit? I've checked as much as i can, and it does look like a straight swap. Any help would be great.
  2. R

    Great to be back in the fz6 pack!

    I can’t tell you all how great it is to have my butt back on the seat of an fz! I sold my 2007 quite some time ago, and experienced immediate sellers remorse as the happy new owner rode it away. At that moment I would have gladly given him $200 more than he paid to get it back! It took years...
  3. TKBone

    Austrian twisties, going on a ride with a Buddy to "Seebergsattel"

    Great weather, great ride!
  4. swedespeed

    S2 FZ6 / FZ6R Speedometer, great upgrade for S1 bikes

    $150 shipped. 19,XXX miles. Great condition. Comes with all 3 rubber bushings and mounting screws. Great upgrade for S1 bikes, especially when going naked. If going naked, you'll want to buy one of these depending on your headlight setup (or if you have a fly screen or not). Also, if you have...
  5. trepetti

    First ride with the R6 forks on my 05 ------- WOW

    So for a long time my riding pals have been telling me how different the bike is with R6 forks. Words like 'more planted in the corners', 'the best mod ever for the FZ6', and stuff like that. I figured they were better, but as time passed I wondered if my expectations had grown bigger than what...
  6. ShoopCE


    I bought a 2016 FJR1300A. Great bike, great price for the new gen with only 31,000 miles. :thumbup: No - I have not named her "unicorn." Blah I titled the post "unicorn" because it is very rare to find a 2016 for sale and even more rare to find one for a price much lower than the...
  7. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday LFZ6!

    :rockon::rockon:Happy Birthday LFZ6!:rockon::rockon: Hope you have a great day Lisa!
  8. D

    I owe yall a beer "or two"

    Hey guys i am new to the site, been using it the past week as i start on my first Fz6 project bike. Just reading through the pages after pages of well worded info have already saved me tons in mechanic bills! Yall are a great group and i look forward to picking your brains as i continue deeper...
  9. fazil

    New Fz6 one ebay

    Brand new 2006 Fz6 S2 Looks great.
  10. B

    Peak Color! I hope you can see one of the above.... Peak Color here in utard right now, these times make for some great motorcycling (and flying!)
  11. Motogiro

    Happy birthday ERCI!

    :rockon::rockon:Happy Birthday ERCI!:rockon::rockon: Hope you have a great day brother!
  12. Cloggy

    Family holiday to the states

    Well we booked a flight and rental car for the spring break next year, we've just got to work out the itinerary. We'll (my wife, 2 daughters and I) be arriving in San Francisco and leaving from LA and we have about 13 days in the US. The general plan seems to be San Francisco, yosemite park...
  13. agf

    Hey Nelly, hope you're having a great day!

    Many Happies Nelly!!
  14. thisisbenji

    A Plug for Baxley

    Just in case anyone is in the market for wheel chocks, I just wanted to post and say how impressed I am with the Baxley Sport Chocks. These things are incredibly stable and make loading by yourself a breeze. They even double as great parking stands when you're not transporting your bike. Of...
  15. U

    Great condition FZ6 front fairing for sale

    Hello All, I recently went naked on my 2006 FZ6 and have an extra front fairing sitting on my balcony! Fairing is in great condition and comes with the headlights etc. I have taken out the speedo and indicators for reuse on my naked conversion. Please see pictures and let me know if...
  16. A

    Happy birthday Lytehouse.

    Happy birthday back at you, what a great month. Hope you have a great and enjoyable birthday.:cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer:
  17. lytehouse

    Happy Birthday aussiejules!

    Hope yours is great one mate!
  18. C

    High idle that won't adjust down

    Hi all, New here. I just bought a 2006 FZ6 for a great price with a few issues. Nice bike. My other is a Triumph Sprint RS. The one that is baffling me now is the idle. When warm it idles around 1680 RPM. I found the idle adjust screw but turning it has no effect on idle speed, up or down...
  19. agf

    Many happies cloggy

    as the title says, have a great day Martin MANY HAPPIES

    Friendly competition between me and the local motor cop

    Here's another video taken during this fall during Reno's Street Vibrations Motorcycle Rally. Great food, music, vendors and competition showcasing me, of course.