1. Duckman

    What helmet do you wear?

    Hey there just getting some thoughts of a new helmet. What helmet do you wear? Feel free to reply with pics. I wear the bell rogue camp edition with no mask.
  2. TownsendsFJR1300

    Helmet and lightning

    Motorcyclist dies on I-95 after helmet struck by lightning, FHP says - Orlando Sentinel
  3. FB400

    2 helmet locks

    2 Helmet Locks Sold my Fz6 and these won't fit my FJ-09 Both are the same lock. One has the tamper proof bolts the other just plain old phillips head bolts. I used the phillips bolts because at the end of the day no one is going to steal your helmet. I used the helmet lock...
  4. upshiftoverdrive

    Removing Tint/Mirrored Finish From Helmet Visor

    Has anyone ever successfully done this? I have a gold mirrored visor for my helmet, an Icon Alliance Dark, which is beat to all hell. All sorts of scratches and scrapes which make it a bit of a chore to wear while I am riding. Needless to say I have no feelings for this visor so I am pretty...
  5. D

    Helmet suggestions

    I’m looking for s new Helmet. I was wondering what people think of helmets that have a cutout for a con system like the Sena . I see the bell qualifier fox has a cutout for a sena. Vs a helmet that doesn’t have the cutout and pockets for the speakers. What’s you guys opinions? Thanks
  6. C

    Heads-up display for helmets

    I'm an electrical engineering grad, and I'm a relatively new rider (been riding about three years). In my spare time, I put together a heads-up display for my own personal use. By chance, I took the helmet with me to a motorcycle show last month, and a few people I met said I ought to think...
  7. FB400

    whats a decent helmet cam

    I've been putting off getting a helmet cam for a long time. With a trip to Maine coming up next month thinking maybe now is the time. I don't have lots to spend and would consider getting an entry level one now and upgrading in a season or 2 What are you guys all using? recommendations...
  8. gnyce

    review, Nuviz motorcycle helmet HUD

    Not sure how I feel about this. From a strictly gadget perspective, sounds cool, but pricey. But what am I doing such that I can't keep my eyes on the road/surroundings and still glance at my cluster? The purist says I'm much better off how I do navigation now (bluetooth/sena with audio...
  9. S

    FS: HJC IS-17 Helmet, Black, Medium - worn thrice $175 shipped

    Hi, I have a HJC IS-17 Helmet for sale in Matte Black, Medium size - $175 OBO (with taxes I paid $200+) I bought it about a week ago, wore it thrice and determined that it was too small for me. The store (Bellevue Motorsports in WA) would not accept a return and so it’s up for sale here - I...
  10. TownsendsFJR1300

    Helmet Lock Brackets for all 04-09 models

    I designed and manufactured these to attach a Yamaha helmet lock onto all S1 bikes (with NO helmet locks) or to add a lock to the S2. The brackets simply clamp around the right side of the frame. Clear, helicopter tape wraps around the frame to prevent marring, no mods. The Yamaha lock part...
  11. I

    helmet lock for FZ6?

    Has anyone attempted to install a helmet lock? My old ZR-7 was factory fitted with one in the same location as the lock to remove the seat on my FZ6. The ZR-7 lock was positioned perfectly for the pillion foot peg to support the weight of the helmet and the "D" shaped ring on the strap went...
  12. Cloggy

    BMW developing helmet with HUD

    BMW is developing a helmet with a Head up display (HUD). I personally think it's a step too far and can possibly distract, or would it be handy for the sat Nav? Here's the story BMW shows motorcycle helmet head-up display and laser light concepts
  13. OZXJR

    New Helmet Design

    Have a look at this http://www.vozzhelmets.com/
  14. LFZ6

    Shoei Qwest vs RF1200

    Ok y'all, I'm looking for a new helmet. I am in serious need of an upgrade. Currently I have a Speed and Strength helmet that I have had for about 5 years. For those of you who have tried both, please enlighten me on the differences between the Qwest and the RF1200 (ie most quiet...
  15. Andz

    Merry Christmas Mrs Andz

    Christmas came early to our house today, my wife has been long overdue for a new helmet so I sprung for this one this morning :rockon:
  16. Cloggy

    Sena is bringing out a noise cancellation helmet

    This sounds like a good idea: FIRST LOOK: Sena debuts noise canceling helmet - Cycle News Knowing my luck it won't fit my head shape.
  17. R

    Thank God I had gear!

    So it looks like I am going to be out for a bit. I hit gravel and was sliding all over. I was good till I went in the grass a hit a hole and highsided. I landed on my head and shoulder, Bike hit me in the back pushed me further and head hit a fence post. Bike looks ok for the most part from what...
  18. B

    Lecturing a cop

    Last night I had a good discussion with my next door neighbor, an Ogden police officer, really nice guy, beautiful wife and three kids in high school. He referred to his Yamaha Star in the past tense, I said "Wait, wat?!?" and learned he and his wife were victims of another inattentive...
  19. 2

    Cycle Gear GEAR!

    This is a totally unpaid product ENDORSEMENT. When I started riding a street bike (my 2007 FZ6) about 3 years ago, I didn't have much money to spend on safety gear. I needed a helmet, armored jacket and armored pants, all at the same time. And I'm a 69 year old rider - slow and careful. My...
  20. Serzedo

    Where to mount my fake MD80 camera?

    I have a fake MD80 camera bought on eBay for around 8€... but I have no idea were to fit it. I tested it on my old helmet, the Dainese Performance Scare, it worked more or less, it kept clicking the start stop button and the velcro didn't hold on that much to the helmet it self. Now I'm...