1. L

    Pair of Internet-Famous FZ6s for Sale (Vancouver, Canada)

    The couple are upgrading to adventure-touring bikes, which means their trusty and well-maintained road bikes are now up for sale! STATS: One Royal Red 2006 Yamaha FZ-6. One owner, excellent condition: 60,575 Kms (mostly touring Kms). Michelin Pilot 5 Road tires (2019). One...
  2. E

    Maintenance Kit: Spark Plugs, Radiator Cap, Oil Drain Plug & Yamalube Ring Free Plus

    Selling a maintenance kit: CR9EIX spark plugs(4), one new radiator cap, oil drain plugs (3), and a 3.2 oz bottle of Yamalube Ring Free Pro (treat up to five gallons of gas). All items are new and unused. $50 shipped in the USA.
  3. I

    List of Motorcycle that require the least amount of maintenance

    Hi guys could you help me figure out which bikes require the least amount of major maintencae, such as valve adjustsments? The Fz6 was my favorite bike I wanted but the fact that it required the valves to be check roughly every 25k miles definetly help me not look at Aprilia and Ducati. I was...
  4. H

    Uber Maintenance

    Yesterday was a boat load of maintenance on the front of the FZ6. Having recently acquired the bike and having looked it over it was going to need some maintenance and upgrades to get it to my spec. For some reason the person that serviced the front brakes thought that if a little grease on...
  5. Pplater

    Basic FZ6S Maintenance Video Compilation

  6. R

    Used 04 FZ6 40K How Long I Got?

    I recently brought a used 04 FZ6 which has 40K on clock. I brought this bike for the low and only wanted something as my first bike, I could learn on and won't be as mad if I drop it. I don't expect to have it forever especially with 40K but I'm curious how much life left you think I got? I was...
  7. twobob1

    Must have FZ6 maintenance tools?

    Hi all just wondered what everyones must have tools for general maintenance were. Specialist tools can be included as its all interesting to hear what people use on their bikes. Ive pretty much got most standard socket tools etc I know its all relative to the job In hand but there might be a few...
  8. B

    2009 FZ6 Maintenance Manual?

    Hey everyone! New member here, I think I searched as much as I could, but I could not find anything. I have a 2009 FZ6, and I'm failing to find a maintenance manual for my specific year. So far I've found: Yamaha FZ6 Fazer 600 Repair Manual 2004-2008 | Haynes 4751 It's for the 2008...
  9. S

    Finally getting new chain/ sprockets

    Is anyone in the SE WI area and would be willing to help me swap my chain and sprockets? I can't complain as it's been 40k miles on the originals from new. :) I've already got the sprockets and chain (stayed with factory ratio and chain size) so all I'd really need is a little guidance and a...
  10. Serzedo

    Another year, another maintenance!

    Yup, my baby went for another maintenance, it has around 10.500 km's made since I bought it with 0 km's in 2014. On the way to her doctor: "V"
  11. philosopheriam

    FS: 2007 Yamaha FZ6, Racetech & Ohlins Suspension, Excellent Condition, Mechanic Owned

    FS: 2007 Yamaha FZ6, MANY upgrades (Aurora, IL) 2007 Yamaha FZ6, 16711mi, Mechanic Owned, ZERO mechanical problems. Clean title in hand. Bike is located in Aurora, IL (35mi West of Chicago) Tires have plenty of life left (Michelin Pilot Road 2). All maintenance performed diligently by...
  12. Under_A_Rock

    What do you think about this price?

    Gonna go give VERY serious look at an 08 FZ6 tomorrow. Guy wants $3500 and it has 34k on it. Here's the kicker, he has no shred of documented maintenance whatsoever. I have been talking to a nearby independent bike shop about the maintenance schedule posted here on the boards in the tech...
  13. RuskiMotorcycle

    New guy here, looking for advice!

    Hey All, I just picked up a 2007 FZ6 about a month ago, and I'm looking for some guidance on how to be a responsible owner. Just as a heads up, this is my first time on a Yamaha or an FZ6, so I'm coming with relatively little prior knowledge of these machines. My History- I started...
  14. G

    New-to-Me Bike, No Tools. What Do I Need?

    Hi folks, I just picked up a 2004 FZ6 over the weekend and I'd love to know what you guys n gals have found you need for home maintenance. Everything is out of adjustment, none of the fluids are at the correct level. I want to change all the fluids, lube everything, and bring everything into...
  15. FZSexy

    My First Maintenance, What To Do?

    Hi guys :Sport: Been really busy with my new job so can't post or lurk as much but its nice to be here today. My bike is a '07 FZ6 i bought with 6700 miles on it 15 months ago with an unknown maintenance history. I change the oil and coolant (once on the coolant) and lube the cables and take...
  16. J

    21,000 miles - Recommended Preventative Maintenance?

    Hey everybody, I'm new to the forum, so sorry if this is discussed elsewhere... I just pulled the engine out my my 2004 FZ6 for a very minor repair (last owner snapped the spark plug wire housing off inside the engine which has made it impossible to swap out the plug. And yes, I tried to fish...
  17. cvalliere

    What type of maintenance work do I need?

    I've had my 06 FZ6 for a year and a half now and have put a considerable amount of miles on it. It is my first bike and I bought it with 18k and now it probably has around 28k. The only maintenance I have done to it are: Regular Oil Changes Clutch Cable Lube Chain and Sprocket Replacement...
  18. nthdegreeburns

    New to motorcycles; minimum service at 12K?

    I just got a 2007 Yamaha FZ6 w/ 12K miles used. It's my first motorcycle. I rode it for the first time today. I did not get service records with the bike (it was self-maintained for oil changes, independent mechanic for other things), but an MSF instructor checked it out and felt that it...
  19. MarinaFazer

    SoCal Maintenance Day plan?

    Is anybody willing to bring tools, gear, and what not to a maintenance day in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA...more in the Los Angeles area? I could maybe host if there aren't a TON of people, but my garage is entirely full of the landlord's stuff and working on the driveway is definately do-able...