1. T

    FZ6 lowering fork element - dimensions

    Hello from Poland. Few days ago I bought Fz6 from 2005, but due to my height I have to do some lowering. I found lowering link which is replacement of ending of rear fork. Because now I can't remove rear shock from bike I am asking if someone have dimensions of this part? For now I...
  2. meadeam

    suspension improvement and adjustment

    I've had my FZ6 for several weeks now, and have put it through it's paces in the twisties. I'm not an advanced rider, but I want more out of the suspension. The front end dives under breaking, and feels unstable in turns. It is very, very soft and springy. It may actually be low on oil; I'll...
  3. S

    Tire Valve Concern

    Hello hello! I'm concerned that my rear tire valve is not ok, even though the mechanic has assured me it is. Story here is that my rear tire was leaking, and neither I nor the mechanic (Lane's Yamaha, who I've always regarded highly) could find the leak. Very slow leak, like 1psi every...
  4. FinalImpact

    Crash landing?? Strange place to die

    Well I didn't crash land but somehow this little dragonfly landed under my seat and never left! He seems completely intact. Perhaps a tad dehydrated? What a strange place to fly into and die under the FZ6 seat. I was pulling the rear wheel for install of a new Dunlop Sportmax Q3+ after...
  5. S

    For Sale 2008 FZ6 $1,700 Firm, Tampa, FL

    I thought I would try here first if anyone in the Tampa area is looking for a FZ6: 08 Yamaha FZ6 -- $1,700 FIRM -- 600cc, 120k miles, original owner, Title in hand, Add ons: Frame Sliders, K&N Air Filter, New YUASA battery, AS IS. Also included is a Haynes manual and the original rear...
  6. oso2k

    2005 FZ6 For Sale in California

    So, after a long time of sitting in my garage for 6 or 7 years, I'm selling my 05 FZ6. Lots of goodies installed and waiting to be installed. The short list is Koso RX1N Speedo R6 Forks R6 Calipers Galfer Steel Braided Lines Frame Sliders Scorpion Exhaust K&N Air Filter NGK Iridium Plugs K&N...
  7. MIJ_FZ6

    I am toying with the idea of changing the rear sprocket

    Goals are simple. A bit of extra umph in the lower RPMS, not a wheelie machine (not yet at least :D. I do not ride on the highway and rarely go over 80 mph. Thankfully this bike gets out of first around 55mph, but even then I find myself climbing up those RPMs to get that power on the street...
  8. R

    Rear rotor rubbing on calliper bracket

    Hi, Got my first bike, which is FZ6 04MY, which had bent rear brake rotor. After replacing the rotor with genuine Yamaha part I’ve noticed that rotor is rubbing on rear calliper’s bracket. Things that were done: mounting surface for rotor on wheel cleaned, calliper bracket cleaned, wheel...
  9. M

    Why didn’t new relay fix hyper flash? (2004 Fz6)

    Can anyone help? Fitted front led flashers with resistors - work fine. Bought rear led flashers but not fitted. Figured a new relay would be easier than siting resistors at the rear end. Tried new relay before fitting rear led flashers but getting hyper Flash (even with front...
  10. Paul Myrus

    Any Suggestions for sportier bars?

    Hey folks, I'm looking to get some more weight over the front wheel. I heard the FZ1 bars are good for that. I'm also going to get some adjustable rear sets to in-cant me forward too. Any idea's of good bars, my Bike is 2006 FZ6. S1. Cheers.
  11. J

    Replace both tires at once or 2 fronts to 1 rear?

    I am around 13K miles on my PR4s on my 05 FZ6. Rear looks pretty solid based on wear indicators but I can probably could get a few more K from the front but I think my front bearing needs replacement (started hearing squeak sounds) so debating just doing the front (PR4s are out of stock...
  12. E

    No rear light, hazards or turn signals but fuse okay

    I have recently bought an 06 naked FZ6 but when trying to get a live feed from the rear lights I must have accidentally grounded out something and now I have no rear light, no turn signals and no hazards. Taking off the rear panel there seems a bit of a dogs' breakfast that someone has made...
  13. K

    ABS failure

    Hi, My ABS on the rear wheel don't work, blocks. (have not tested the front yet) The ABS light work when i turn the ignition on and shut off after a couple of secunds. What can be wrong?? BR. Kim
  14. arronjackson

    Tight/Stripped/Weird Rear Caliper Bolt

    Hey Forum, Trying to pull my rear caliper and the bolt that holds it to the bracket (the one of the two towards the front of the bike) is super stiff. It takes an unreal amount of torque to unscrew and once it does start to move it's very difficult to turn and doesn't seem to back out. I...
  15. M

    2008 rear suspentin fz 600

    hi every one fz 600 2008 recently I had serviced rear suspension ... because I had a problem with rear huger touching mivv exhaust and noticed the plastic hugger started to melt while riding in 2 person .. anyone knows how much must be the height of two person weight 200kg should be...
  16. twobob1

    Flappy rear brake light housing with gap at the top!

    Is it just mine or does every FZ6 have the flappy rear brake light, I can literally rock it around up and down and it looks like it should be sitting higher up against the rear fairing there is always a gap that looks like its been bodged back on after an accident. I tried tightening the screws...
  17. J

    Rear suspension swap

    Hey guys im new to the forum. I was wondering if any one has swap the rear suspension on the fz6 ? Im a big guy around 300lbs and when I ride with the wife the bike jumps too much on the rear and doesnt really absorb shocks. Have anyone used the bike with over bikes weight limit?
  18. Midas

    Looking for 2007 FZ6 Parts

    Looking for anyone parting out 07-09 FZ6 or have spares. Few things I'm looking for this winter: Full Front Fairing Rear Tallight assembly w/hugger bars Rear Side Fender plastics H4/H7 demon eye flush mounts Slipon Exhaust OEM Headers Dark Smoke Windcreen other tidbits preferably...
  19. fazil

    Rear Wheel Dampers

    Hello, In my last rear tire change, tire guy told me to change the rear wheel dampers soon. Did anyone ever change any of them? I mean this part:
  20. SirLanceralot

    In need of main center bike stand!

    Just purchased my first bike this past saturday! Anyhow i've got an '05 FZ6, but previous owner did not have the center stand for it. If anyone has the OEM center stand they don't need it would be greatly appreciated!!! Need to be able to tighten rear chain, which is just a little loose and...