1. M

    After Market / Replacement Spedometer

    Hi All! New to the forum and looking for advice already! Loving my Fzr6-2 (2007), the only thing I am not keen on is the speedo/dash. I find it hard to see in low light/sunrise/sunset before the backlight comes on and also, would like to have a gear indicator. Can anyone recommend or has...
  2. P

    Naked conversion speedo mount - UK

    Hey all, Just attempting to cost and source parts to convert my FZ6 S2 to naked. Really struggling to find any pre-made mounting solutions that will ship to the UK. I thought ebay would have a few solutions but unless I'm searching for the wrong thing....nothing. A lot of people appear to...
  3. oso2k

    2005 FZ6 For Sale in California

    So, after a long time of sitting in my garage for 6 or 7 years, I'm selling my 05 FZ6. Lots of goodies installed and waiting to be installed. The short list is Koso RX1N Speedo R6 Forks R6 Calipers Galfer Steel Braided Lines Frame Sliders Scorpion Exhaust K&N Air Filter NGK Iridium Plugs K&N...
  4. S

    Naked Headlight conversion kit (VS02 Headlight?)

    SOLD This headlight is from a Yamaha FZ15 (sold in India). It looks like the VS02 kit. I fabricated a speedo mount out of a plastic cutting board, which held up well for the few months I had the headlight on before switching to another setup. I can throw in the fabricated speedo mount. Note...
  5. swedespeed

    Anybody have a 2007+ naked speedo cover?

    If not I'll just buy one from CheBay. This:
  6. B

    WTB: 04-06 Speedo NOT WORKING

    Looking for a broken speedo cluster for a 04-06 fz6 (round style). Must have decent glass on the front. Want to replace mine as it is cracking. If you have a working one that looks good, let me know how much you want. Never know.
  7. swedespeed

    Another way to set clock?

    My reset button on my speedo isn't working so I can't set the clock. I tried unhooking the battery to reset the clock to 12:00 thinking that would work but it retained the time (incorrectly set, might I add). If I unhook the battery for longer will the speedo clock clear at some point? Or am I...
  8. thisisbenji

    FS: LSL Urban Headlight Kit

    For sale: LSL Urban Headlight Kit Cyclops LED Bulb Speedo Bracket Speedo Cover $250 + shipping Note on the speedo bracket, I purchased it new from a member on this forum. It works well, but it vibrated and cracked. I had to add a second piece of metal to it as a reinforcement...
  9. O

    WTB S2 Speedo Bracket

    Looking to buy an S2 speedo bracket for a naked bike. Shoot me a PM if you have one. Thanks
  10. swedespeed

    WTB: 2007+ Speedo

    found one thanks
  11. austindv

    Speedo backlight works but no info

    Howdy! I was about to have my 05 FZ6 ready to ride and then this issue started. The blue backlight comes on the speedo when I turn the key but nothing else comes on, not even the time. I have checked all of the fuses and they are all good. I've been repairing some of the wiring and I'm wondering...
  12. hk_fz6_05

    speedo healer

    more attic clutter clearing out. This time new in box speedo healer v4 and wiring harness (SH-YO1 and SH-V4) anyone wants they pay the shipping. please pm me if you want it. cheers
  13. A

    Stolen (now recovered) Bike FZ6N Conversion

    Hey everyone, I've been through these threads for a while now. I know everything is mostly old, but it is still super helpful. Recently my FZ6 was stolen and the meth head busted it all up. Ripped the mirrors and all lights off (yes, ripped off, a screw driver or wrench was not used)...
  14. chokeslam512

    She got peeled

    Hello everyone. I finally took the plunge on Friday night. After months of asking questions that you have all heard before and gathering parts, At last she is naked. Still a work in progress, wires to clean up, turn signals to mount and I'm not sure I like the speedo cover. Other mods: CRG...
  15. T

    2006 part out

    Got rid of a lot of stuff but I have a few things left R6S forks, calipers & fender mounting hardware (new oil and fork seals) Front fender (Black, like new) 12 o'clock labs speedo healer Barnett clutch plates & springs (low miles) Clutch pressure plate and arm Stock seat Shoot me offers and...
  16. M

    Whats this? What method of sorcery of did the P.O. do? See Pics

    Short story is I bought a ratty 2005 FZ6 from a guy that laid it down to the point that the speedo is gone and the ignition has been relocated. I'm close to putting an aftermarket speedo and tach on the bike but am wondering about the neutral signal. I have found the below hack that the PO did...
  17. fazil

    How to cancel ABS light completely after speeedo swap

    I'm in the progress of swapping a S2 speedo to my S1 bike. I've found a Fz1 speedo for the swap, eveything looks plug and play except the ABS light is always on. How can i completely cancel that light, if anyone knows, would be useful. I'm using a S2 non ABS headlight wiring harness. It...
  18. Puttin Along

    My New Speedo Bracket, Check It Out! Also For Sale!

    I have been getting naked! I found that there was nothing out there in terms of a speedo mounting bracket that I liked. I started playing with designs, mocked up a few things and found what I liked. I had it water jet cut out of aluminum. The set up seems to work well so far, the aluminum is...
  19. S

    Need DIY FZ6 speedo dashboard opinion for naked conversion.

    I am moving from VS2 kit to something different. I have sketched out a few designs will see what is feasible as I fabricate. Meanwhile, I have been working on fabricating the dashboard (pics included) to mount the speedo (and may other switches, and a charging port). Was looking for opinions on...
  20. M

    07+ speedo back cover

    please pm me if you have one to sell