Lost in headlights: single to dual, halogen to LED

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I've just noticed [MENTION]Schoopce[/MENTION] mentioning that H4 LEDs are plug and play with H4 halogens, which is great.

I want to swap a set of 55/60w halogens for LEDs in these dual headlights (dominators) that I bought for my Fz6n (2007).

I'm worried the dual halogens will draw too much from the system, and I also prefer LEDs. Does anyone know if a pair of H4s LEDs will be fine on the bike? I've read HS1s are dual filament like H4, but consume less power.

I have very rudimentary theoretical knowledge of electronics (read none outside of wiring stuff) but I've managed to replace my indicators with LEDs + flasher, and built a decent isolated accessory circuit that turns on with the engine and runs a phone charger, heated grips, daytime lights, and a heated system I stitched into my jacket. Runs perfect.

I ultimately want to keep this an inexpensive project since I've no real budget for it. Amazon is great but it's expensive here in Australia, so for me it's basically AliExpress / Banggood or bust. There are a TONNE of LEDs on those sites which is great but it makes choosing the right bulbs hard. I figure LEDs that cost $30 are better and brighter which superior light dispersion than those that cost $10 (I generally filter by popularity and then look for something that's popular and cost a bit more) but that's not a great metric.

Thanks for any help! And a preemptive thanks to Motogiro who seems to be everywhere :)



The headlights I bought:



And search results for h4 LEDs on Aliexpress.


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That headlight assembly looks like it goes into a bucket or exits a rubber dust cover. You may have to be sure you'll have clearance as the LED unit usually incorporates a fan and heat sink at the rear of the lamp assembly making it longer in length that the standard H4 halogen lamp. Wattage wise the FZ6 should be fine running low beams or high beams as long as your low beam shuts off when the high beam is active. If you're riding the naked OEM breed you should already have proper lo to hi switching.

Us Mericans usually are converting from a faired US version and need to fix the hi lo switching when we go to a single H4 solution. :)