North Carolina poster

On the coast,Ocracoke island but go to Raleigh and greenvile a couple of times a year.

my in-laws live in hyde co. i get there often, but very rarely on the bike. if we're going to make a 3-4 hour trip the whole family is going in the van.

a few years ago we all vacationed somewhere on the outer banks... i think rodanthe. my father-in-law, brother-in-law, and i took our bikes. we had a few times to ride around. made it over to ocracoke one afternoon. there really isn't much riding to do there.

only other time i've been to ocracoke was for one of my anniversaries my wife and i stayed in the castle for a few days. that was pretty nice.
I was thinking of going to Hickory this year for a convinsion for my line of work but didnt have the time:( some mountain roads would be a nice change:thumbup:

Let me know if you come up to another convention sometime, It'd definitely be fun showing you around up here. I know that is one hell of a long ride on a bike though haha.
wish i could help, but i try to do all my own stuff. what do you need done?

team powersports has been a good shop to go to for gear. if i had to, i might would go to them based on the dealings i've had with them so far.
Charleston sc here. Use to live in the charlotte and winston-salem area. Riding is so boring around here! But i love my 08 fz6. Pm me if your in the area!
Hey Guys
I live in Cary NC, I have a blue FZ6 2006 which I bought from a friend couple of months back, I'm new to the biking world and need some advice on where my bike does not start, it makes a clicking sound but it wont start.
I tried to tighten the battery terminals but no change, any ideas what it might be. Also, are there any bike repair shops in Cary area and how can I get my bike towed to the nearest mechanic.

As I said I'm new to the biking world therefore trying to get ideas here, I may sound trivial here but your response is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

I'm also in Cary on a blue FZ6. You have probably already fixed your bike but sometimes the click occurs when the battery needs a charge.
Fayetteville here I just bought my bike (08FZ6) and I am getting it ready for the season. Anyone know some good places to ride outside of the city? :D