Valve Clearance ADJUSTMENT

I don't like to reuse gaskets, so when I do mine, I purchase a new:
Valve cover gasket
Timing cover gasket
Water pump drain crush washer
CCT gasket

Also a good time to replace spark plugs if you are so inclined.
You wouldn't happen to have part numbers for those would you :oops:
For those looking to do this job in the future the parts you'll need are:

Valve Cover Gasket - 5SL-11193-00-00 - 52 CAD from the dealer
Cam Chain Tensioner Gasket - 4FM-12213-00-00 - $4
Oil Pump Cover Gasket - 5SL-15456-01-00 - $20
Water Pump Crush Washer - 93210-32172 - $7