1. B

    FS: Joe Rocket Jacket and Alpinestars SMX1-R boots

    FS: Alpinestars SMX1-R boots all sold please close!!!
  2. zixaq

    Gear Aid "Tenatious Tape" is seriously impressive stuff

    I was looking for a good way to patch my riding jacket that was damaged in a crash in January and found this fabric repair tape called "Tenacious Tape" for about five bucks on amazon. I am extremely impressed. Blends in with the jacket more or less and looks way better than other options I...
  3. MattR302

    Fieldsheer 2-piece leathers, jacket & pants, size US 46

    Great shape, no signs of being down, leather is very soft and perforated. Jacket has armor in the shoulders and elbows/forearms, a better back pad than most, and a zip-in vest liner. Pants have knee armor, hip padding, velcro for sliders, and a 360 zipper to connect to the jacket. Size US 46...
  4. Spanky's Monkey

    Just joined the uncool kids club

    Taking the MSF next month and I want to have all my gear ready for the riding portion. I actually brought my bike first and just got my temp plate today. Not riding yet cause I don't know how. So anyway in my search for protective gear I decided to settle on hi viz. Here in Decatur, IL it seems...
  5. B

    For Sale: Icon Contra Jacket and Icon Stryker Back Protector

    Hey guys, I'm selling two items: SOLD Icon Contra Jacket ($120 shipped) - Medium. Includes removable thermal liner. Icon Stryker Back Protector ($80 shipped) - One Size. This can be worn separately or used as a back insert in the jacket. It is a great jacket. The only reason I am selling is...
  6. Erci

    FREE: Teknic Leather Jacket

    I've had this jacket forever, but wore it a total of 3 times (or so). I prefer textile gear for the street. Size is listed as 44/54. I am 5' 10", medium build.. it fits me well. Jacket has built-in elbow/shoulder/back protection. I'll gladly ship this at new owner's expense (keep in mind...
  7. Cloggy

    Textile jackets

    At the moment I'm looking for a new textile jacket which i can use all year around. My present jacket is a Revit Dragon, I've had this jacket for about 5 years, it was a good jacket but recently I've had the inner (Hydratex) jacket leak near the elbows, also the velcro sleeve fasteners have been...
  8. dschult2

    Fly 8th st. mesh jacket size lrg - $60 shipped

    I have a Fly Racing 8th st. mesh jacket for sale. Jacket is a size large and in like new condition, I even just had it washed! I had it for two seasons but it has always been a little too large for me, I'm really a size medium. So I figured it's time to get a jacket that actually fits. It...
  9. thisisbenji

    RS Taichi

    Anyone have any experience? I just picked up a couple of pieces from them. I got the All Season Parka and the Matrix Overpants. I'm hoping they will keep me somewhat warm commuting to work in the fall. The jacket doesn't seem like it has must abrasion resistance, but it does have armor...
  10. Love@FirstRide

    Lights on your jacket..

    https://www.facebook.com/disturbreality/videos/vb.121420231235396/1087427141301362/?type=2&theater&notif_t=comment_mention on vacation saw this and thought you guys should see.
  11. 2

    Cycle Gear GEAR!

    This is a totally unpaid product ENDORSEMENT. When I started riding a street bike (my 2007 FZ6) about 3 years ago, I didn't have much money to spend on safety gear. I needed a helmet, armored jacket and armored pants, all at the same time. And I'm a 69 year old rider - slow and careful. My...
  12. T

    New Rider/ Gear Advice

    Alright, so as Im sure everyone knows. There is about 47.364 billion different choices of gear out there (give or take a few). I feel like as soon as I find something I like and Im confident about it, I read a bunch of reviews (lets be honest, who dosnt) and then talk myself out of it. So Id...
  13. M

    Vanson Mark II Cobra

    After 2 years of saving a few dollars here and there, I finally bought my Vanson Mark II Cobra. What a wonderful jacket. This is truly the finest leather jacket that I've ever owned. The fit an finish is great. The thickness of the leather is tough as nails. Mix that with the included CE armor...
  14. Don't Panic

    Icon "The Hood" jacket size L

    Hey guys, It's been a while, sold the FZ6, bought an FZ09, sold that bought a car :shakehead:... anyways I thought I'd see if anyone was interested in this: Selling a brand new Icon The Hood leather jacket in black, size large. Asking $610 CAD + $15 CAD shipping, $35 to the states...
  15. payneib

    Keis Heated Glove Liners (WIP)

    Background: I ride all year, any weather. Settled snow is a judgement call, but anything else is fair game. I love my winter gloves, but below about 5 Celsius I need a pair of cheap woolen gloves underneath to "take the edge off" and below zero, it hurts, a lot. So I've decided to upgrade to...
  16. Will i am

    Lots of Gear For Sale

    Berik leather 1pc suit, multiple RS Taichi gloves, jacket, pants. Many Alpinestars textile pants, Olympia jacket, Fieldsheer textile one piece. Teknic textile 3/4 length jacket. Dainese gloves. Awesome Arlen Ness leather, waterproof Gore-Tex 2 piece suit. If you need something PM me, I...
  17. Cloggy

    Looking for a new jacket.

    My present jacket is a Rev-It Dragon. I've had it for about 5 years now and generally speaking it's still in working order, the coloured area's (red) have seriously discoloured (IMO this is due to the fact that the outer "shell" is not waterproof) and some of the velcro fasteners (especially...
  18. S

    Free: Teknic Textile Jacket

    And it's Gone! (10-04-2014) Free to a good home, just pay shipping. Jacket is size Large, great condition never downed. Thanks for looking! Scott [email protected]
  19. Geoff

    F/S Joe Rocket Black Leather Yamaha Jacket

    Joe Rocket Yamaha Champion Superbike Leather Jacket $170.00 (Includes Shipping in USA only please) PRICE REDUCED $150.00 Now with Shipping included in price. http://www.revzilla.com/product/joe-rocket-yamaha-champion-superbike-leather-jacket This jacket is in excellent condition. I have had...
  20. viviifz6

    Jacket Decision

    I am deciding between 2 jackets. I am a typical brokeish college student that is looking for some protective gear. I like both jackets about equally cosmetically, but want to know if anyone has tried either jacket? Also, which do you think would protect me more in a crash situation? Shift...