1. F

    Headlights switch on, off

    Hi my riends. Pls I need advice. I want to make a light switch. What is the procedure? Please advise some wiring diagram or some photo
  2. S

    Extra Lighting

    Hey guys, I got a new job that has me working in the evenings/nights. Since I like to ride to work, I am thinking about putting some extra lights on my 06 FZ6. Having more lights is safer , or that's what everyone tells me. Has anyone ever put extra lighting on their FZ6? I have a few ideas...
  3. D

    Headlights And understanding.

    So as i understand it the reasoning behind the two different bulbs is so that when you change the lights the second one turns on and turns on the high beam on the main light. So instead i think ill buy 2 h4 led bulbs and cross the low beam into the other side so i have 2 active lows and...
  4. O

    Help trouble shooting turn signal problems

    Hi all, Could use some advice on a turn signal issue I am having. Yesterday I tried hardwiring led license plate lights. The previous owner had installed a fender eliminator kit and had the license plate lights wired and I figured it would have been easier to cut them off instead of...
  5. M

    LED Lights - Motodynamic Tail Light, Yamaha OEM Turn Signals, SBL Flash Regulator

    Cleaning out the garage. Have Yamaha OEM LED turn signals (2 still in bags, 2 not with 1 wires cut but still good to go), NIB Motodynamic Clear Sequential Tail light, and Flash Regulator (this way you don't have to mess with any resistors). Trying to move quickly as the price shows. My...
  6. TeacherJoe

    2005 V Strom DL650 PLUS HF Tag Along Trailer in CT

    Bike and Trailer are SOLD.
  7. N

    None of my lights work. :(

    Some bozo decided to try to hot wire my faster red 06, and they cut the left assembly wires. Just replaced the assembly, but no lights (including my brake lights) work. Any thoughts to what the culprit might be? Thanks in advance.
  8. M

    Fog Lights Wiring

    I got 2 fog lights with angel eye halos from amazon. Unit comes with one three mode main beam and an angel eye halo around it. I connected the halo wires to the low beam on the wiring harness (works fine) when I connected the main light wires to high beam.....the lights didnt run...
  9. G

    naked fz6n / what amall fairing/ front screen is the best?

    Hi guys I m a lucky to own my new black queen and looking for some mods to make it one and the only. Any idea what front screen is on the photo (from Irleand aparrently? please help because this one is the best I had seen so far. Really need to get this one somehow:)) touring lights also look...
  10. Z

    No power besides headlights and brake lights

    So long story short I was hit on my motorcycle couple month's back. Replaced the forks and everything works as it should now. But I started the bike up had it running and idling. Reved it up a couple time then lost all power dash lights turned off and the engine died. No weird noises or...

    Fall Street Vibrations Slow Bike Race

    I finally lost to one of our motor units in the annual slow bike race. I played by the motor units rule, NO BRAKES, clutch only. A little suspicious that he decided to activate his emergency lights that has a ton of LED's and strobe lights on the rear of the bike once we start rolling and sees...
  12. agf

    Nice to see a cop sometimes

    There are times when you love to see a cop when you are out riding and yesterday morning was one of them. I was on my regular commute of ten kms into the city and about 3 kms from work, so the speed limit is still 60kmh. I had just taken off from the lights and got up to 60 pretty fast in the...
  13. D

    fz6 wont start unless the clutch is engaged but dies when released

    so the background for my issue is as follows i am a nube, i bridged 2 wires now my fz6 wont start unless the clutch is engaged, however when i release the clutch it dies. i have tried bypassing the clutch switch and the kickstand switch, checked all the fuses and the wiring all look good. when...
  14. F

    brake light voltage?

    I've got a Givi top case from my previous bike that I want to mount on my new-to-me FZ6. I've got the mounting rack and plate in hand (not installed yet), but recall that the light kit on the case wasn't working when I took it off the old bike. In order to test the bulbs, I'm wondering how...
  15. E

    Additional lights

    Hi Guys. Has anyone fitted any additional lights to their bike? I have just bought a 2004 FZ6S and this is my first post. I have the bike two weeks and have done 1200km on it. It's my first japanese 4 cylinder and after 12 years of BMW's it is taking some getting used to but i'm going to...
  16. yesiwearjumpers

    Lights (Front running lights)

    Hi, Just bought a 05 FZ6 S and am looking to make a few improvements already. The first thing I would like to do would be to change the yellow running lights on the front of the bike. Ideally I would go for some super bright LEDs but I can't find any information about what sort of bulbs are...
  17. mercmorrison

    Turn Signals Not Working - Please Help

    Intro Hello FZ6 Riders. I recently purchased a 2007 FZ6 2 weeks ago and I'm fixing everything that needs fixing. One of the issues right now for safety and legal reasons is my turn signals are not working. They aren't functioning as running lights and not as turn signals. The left turn...
  18. P

    Anyone installed LED Signal Mirrors? What brand do you recommend?

    I feel like some integrated running lights/turn signals up high where the mirrors are would drastically improve my visibility to other cars at night. Has anyone replaced their mirrors with ones that have integrated turn signals/running lights? Just plug where the current signals are? What are...
  19. Bill

    Motodynamic Integrated tail light

    I really don't know what to say. It is a plug and play deal. Really good initial quality. Only "problem" I had is that you have to damn near disassemble the whole tail of the bike to install it. Zip ties are your friend due to the extra length of wire in the harness on the new light, which by...
  20. R

    Finished the headlights

    So after much toying around with making a mount for the lights I finally welded one up and mounted the lights. I still have to adjust them more and when i finish that I will work on the rest of it. So far here is what I got done: This is the look right now with the wires tucked and zip tied...