1. D

    Need Help FZ6 Fix/Rebuild To FZ6N

    Howdy Folks! Long time Rider & Reader, First time Poster A Bit about my situation: I bought an FZ6 (2004) back in 2017. It had some light work done, but it ran great and I loved it. I've had a ton of fun with it, and never had any real issues. Near the End of this summer (2020) some folks...
  2. L

    Apps and sites for traveling and events

    Hello, fellow riders! Please let me know what are your favorite websites or applications for planning your trips and travel with motorcycle? Not only the routes, but also with an option to see some motorcycle friendly accommodations, places to visit, cafes, bars or that kind of stuff.
  3. N

    Biker with Ear Problem

    Hi! I really love to ride bikes but the problem is I have sensitive ears that are prone to tinnitus. Just bought a pair of noise reduction ear plugs/ear piece and they do not fit well in my ears. I'm planning to get new ones but I'm torn between these two brands...
  4. A

    Hi Everyone! Needing a little advice

    Aloha! So after a lot of prayer and deliberation over buying a motorcycle, my wife and I felt it necessary to "live within our means" and just go with a simple, cheap but reliable motorcycle. I feel as if it was a blessing but I did want to seek wisdom from other FZ6 owners before I pull the...

    Reno's first Cycle Gear Store

    Today was there grand opening of the national retail chain Cycle Gear. It's about time we get our own store. There were many vendors including our state's motorcycle safety program which I helped manage our booth, recruiting new, returning and experienced riders. For those who are not familiar...
  6. RPF


    I read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance back in the '70s - and have just finished re-reading it after getting back on a bike. This book is worth your time if you wonder about living in a world increasingly dominated by technology - and the alarming lack of authenticity it engenders in...

    Never Ever Have I Been Told Not To

    Park in a parking stall! That's right, casino security approached me instructing me that I had to park my motorcycle in motorcycle parking. I'm all for it, but considering the casino lot was nearly empty on a Sunday morning, and motorcycle parking was located at the very end of the parking...
  8. trepetti

    Anyone going to the NY Motorcycle Show 12/9 - 12/11?

    I was thinking of Friday... Anyone else going?

    Friendly competition between me and the local motor cop

    Here's another video taken during this fall during Reno's Street Vibrations Motorcycle Rally. Great food, music, vendors and competition showcasing me, of course.
  10. T

    New to fz6 need help

    Hey guys brand new to motorcycles just got my hands on a 2005 Yamaha FZ6 with 6000 miles on it it hadn't been written a whole lot within the last couple years so I'm having to work on it before I can ride it worked on cars my whole life but this is my first motorcycle. The issue I'm having is...
  11. Serzedo

    Summer is ending let's celebrate!

    The other day me and my gang went to celebrate the end of the summer season! Here is the result: Encerramento do Verão 08 e 09/10/2016(Portuguese) Since most of you can find it a little hard to read the translation, I'll leave you the two videos edited by a member of the forum...
  12. markgm

    I'm back from my cross country trip: Act V

    It’s hard to believe that it had been 9 years since I took my first cross country motorcycle trip, and now I’m back from my fifth (Act I, Act II, Act III, Act IV). As we visit more and more of the country, it becomes difficult to plan a new route, but luckily there is still a lot of the country...
  13. Serzedo

    Going work with a suit dressed...

    Here is my problem! Until January I had a job where I worked with the clothes I wanted, so I could use my motorcycle all the time... but now comes the other part. Since January I work for a company and I need to be dressed with a business suit (except for friday), I bought another car to...
  14. TownsendsFJR1300

    Atlas 2 x 2, 2 stroke all terrain motorcycle

    Atlas 2 wheel drive motorcycle!! Pretty flippin neat!
  15. iviyth0s

    Moto Insurance Rates 2016 (USA/NJ/BASIC)

    First of all, hello everyone again! I haven't posted or even lurked here in a while but I hope to do more so now that riding season is slowly making its way back. It's almost June which means my annual re-up of insurance so here's one of my famous(?) threads on rate premium comparisons. ENJOY...
  16. T

    FZ6 Motovlog | New Rider

    This is my second video and I have owned my bike for about 2 months now. Thanks for looking.
  17. A

    Recommended size for motorcycle cover

    I want to buy the "Bike It Premium Motorcycle Cover" for my fz6 fazer s2 (2007) and i am unsure about what size to select. I am between medium and large and i want a tight fit to my motorcycle. Has anyone tried this cover to help me with the size? My motorcycle doesn't have a back case. I afraid...
  18. H

    Buying my first motorcycle help

    Hey everyone, i'm new here! I passed my Motorcycle training course at a local college this past year and have been looking into buying my first bike. I found a used 2008 FZ6 for sale for $2500 with 15,000 miles. I don't think it has any modifications but it does have a decent sized dent in the...
  19. krid80

    Holy crap! Krid80?!

    Hey peeps. It's been a WHILE and I thought I'd give a personal update. Those of you who know me, know I sold my FZ6 back in 2012 when I took a job with Sprint, got divorced, and had no garage. Well, in 2013, I took a job with a Harley-Davidson dealership and shortly after, bought a 2009 XR1200...
  20. spine

    Motorcycle Live 2015

    Anyone going to Motorcycle Live this year? I last went 2011 so looking forward to going this year. Runs from 28th Nov to 6th Dec this year at Birmingham NEC. Motorcycle Live 2015