1. L

    No start

    Just bought a 2012 fz6r today that sat outside in the elements. guy said there was no power to anything. I took her to an Autozone parking lot changed the 30 amp fuse on ignition relay then I have power to everything, but now I have a crank but no start with a flashing engine light upon cranking...
  2. K

    Kuninkas Yamasaki build (FZ6S)

    Hi, I think it is time to open up the project that I have going on. It started when I came up with this 2007 Fz6s abs version, it didn't have service history available so I have been opening the bike up and checking that everything is ok. It came to me slightly crashed, the front fairing had...
  3. D

    Need Help FZ6 Fix/Rebuild To FZ6N

    Howdy Folks! Long time Rider & Reader, First time Poster A Bit about my situation: I bought an FZ6 (2004) back in 2017. It had some light work done, but it ran great and I loved it. I've had a ton of fun with it, and never had any real issues. Near the End of this summer (2020) some folks...
  4. gnyce

    my garage vs. another garage

    Long(er) story short, last Sunday was an interesting day for me. 1) I bought a new winter project - a 1990 Yamaha FZR600. It is not running, and the condition is kinda' unknown. It was very cheap ($300), has 57k miles, and comes with a 2nd-engine and a bunch of unopened OEM/Yamaha parts...
  5. FB400

    Free - SW Motech Risers - need 1 thread repair

    Hey all - These are up for grabs for anyone who wants them. SW Motech Risers - to give a little more comfort for long rides. 1 Thread will need to be repaired (Marked with an X in sharpie) I'd recommend getting a threaded insert. I used them for touring and these won't fit the bike...
  6. H

    Is this a Yamaha color ?

    Is this a original Yamaha color ? I think its really nice.
  7. B

    2008 Fz6 Fairing question

    So I slid my bike 2 years ago and fixed the scratches on the fairings pretty good as they are only noticeable when you get up and personal. But I am now looking to get new front fairings for the bike but cant seem to find a good place to purchace them other then yamaha. Ive tried eba but cant...
  8. H

    New member from Lisbon

    Hi all, my name is João and I'm writing from Lisbon. I sold my '03 Yamaha R6 and got an incredible deal a 2009 Yamaha FZ6 s2... with 2500 km on it. That's around 1553 miles! :Flash: The bike is completely stock and I'm looking forward to add some mods to it. I already ordered some bar end...
  9. M

    Yamaha OEM LED Turn Signals and SBL Flash Regulator - CHEAP

    Have Yamaha OEM LED turn signals (2 still in bags, 2 not with 1 wires cut but still good to go) and Flash Regulator from Super Bright LEDs (this way you don't have to mess with any resistors). Trying to move quickly as the price shows. $25 + shipping to any of the 48 states. Easiest to...
  10. K

    2006 Yamaha FZ6

    So I've got an 06 FZ6 at my house that I am trying to put back together, and today I put a fully charged battery in and attempted to crank it. I cant get it to catch. It's been sitting for over a year .. any ideas on what I need to get it running?
  11. M

    LED Lights - Motodynamic Tail Light, Yamaha OEM Turn Signals, SBL Flash Regulator

    Cleaning out the garage. Have Yamaha OEM LED turn signals (2 still in bags, 2 not with 1 wires cut but still good to go), NIB Motodynamic Clear Sequential Tail light, and Flash Regulator (this way you don't have to mess with any resistors). Trying to move quickly as the price shows. My...
  12. regrebrief

    2008 Yamaha FZ6 (S2) - Low Miles - Never Been Down - $4500

    I am selling my all black 2008 Yamaha FZ6. I bought it back in November and and have not have the time to ride it much, so I am thinking of selling it. The motorcycle has 11,XXX miles, which is less than half of the KBB expected mileage for its age. The motorcycle was previously owned by a 60...
  13. zixaq

    EBC Replacement Sport Clutch Kit

    $120 shipped to lower 48, includes a clutch cover gasket. P/N SRK51 Brand spanking new. Bike that was going to get it blew up before I could mount it, although I had already thrown the friction plates in some oil to soak. Includes friction plates, clutch plates, springs. According to EBC, it's...
  14. S

    2005 Yamaha Fz6 - Silver

    SOLD 2005 Yamaha Fz6 Has about 34,500km mostly highway commuting miles. Custom headlight that I made BD43's headlight mod Fz1 Handlebars
  15. O

    For Sale by second owner: Pristine 2007 Yamaha FZ6 with euro FZ1 conversion

    2007 yamaha fz6 condition: excellent engine displacement (CC): 600 odometer: 6250miles paint color: red Hello, For sale is 2007 Yamaha FZ6 motorcycle that has been my toy since 2009. I'm the second owner. The bike has 6k miles on it. No dents or scratches, it has never been down. The bike...
  16. gnyce

    what should my next bike-project be?

    Given the wealth of experience/knowledge here, thought I'd see if anyone wants to weigh in. Still pretty inexperienced with regards to small-engine/mechanical stuff, but so far I've done some minor fixups of an '83 Nighthawk and a '90 suzuki dr100 (for my kid). Looking to pick up a new winter...
  17. Cloggy

    New 2018 Tracer 900 & 900GT

    They will be releasing the new Tracer 900 next year, with a few upgrades. Official: Yamaha Tracer 900 and Tracer 900GT | EICMA 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDm9Z2DX8rY Might be a good opportunity to pick up an older FZ-09 or MT-09 off the shop floor for a reasonable price...
  18. P

    2005 Fz6 24K miles - $2500, Columbus,Ohio

    *SOLD* For sale is my 2005 Yamaha Fz6 with approx 24,400 miles. The bike is well maintained and mechanically very sound. Has quite a few upgrades to make it handle nicer than the stock version, along with a Givi storage for longer rides. It is fully serviced for this year with brand new (just...
  19. Cloggy

    Can I fit my FZ6 plate on my Tracer 900 rack.

    I'm hoping that someone can help me out, I have just ordered a Tracer with a rack (standaard from the accessories page). I was wondering if any one had any experience of mounting another plate or using some kind of adaptor to make a (FZ6) yamaha top box fit it. This is the rack I have on the...
  20. Monica A

    A little eye candy for my fellow riders

    My friend with the Suzuki Gamma went for a ride with us. He sold his Yamaha RM1, luckily after he let me ride it :cheer: This is his "other" bike. You like it?